New Master in Management Testimonials

Published: 26 June 2017 | by Thomas Graf

Robert Atkinson graduated in the Ashridge Master of Sustainability and Responsiblity (AMSR) in 2011 - Daniella Vega graduated this year. In their Testimonial report both explain why they decided for this program and how they profited from it afterwards.

Robert for instance could apply a lot from the program in his business life: "On a practical level I have applied a number of practices learnt through the programme in my workplace and in my projects. The reaction of clients has been overwhelmingly positive and I consider that much of what I have tried to apply has brought a new quality to my work. It has been challenging to provoke change in my organisation, but AMSR helps to arm you with an attitude of looking for a way through the difficulties."

Daniella made a similar experience: " Professionally, my leadership style has shifted to be focussed on relationships, process and to be open to broader contexts. This shift has empowered my team and allowed me to influence more effectively. Systems thinking and action research have given me a rigorous practice and confidence to explore, experiment and reflect. I am using new collaborative processes within my organisation, such as future scenario planning as an approach for strategy development.