How can MIM-testimonials help you find the right Master in Management?

Published: 10 February 2022 | by Thomas Graf

Testimonials from MIM-alumni - that is graduates from Master in Management programs - provide no value for MIM-candidates if they just include affirmative phrases such as "It was the best program" or "Great school". They may provide a benefit, however, if such testimonials are content-based and deliver useful information.

Master in Management testimonials

In the MIM Compass Testimonial section, we offer about 90 testimonials from former students of Master in Management or specialized business Master's degrees, most of them designed as short interviews but all of them with a focus on useful information.

Specialized Business Master testimonials

What did you do before the Master? Why did you decide for the Master? Why for that specific school? How was your experience? Any tip for future MIM-candidates? These are the questions that most Master-prospectives are interested in, through which they get a more concrete impression of the respective school from the perspective of a former student and with whom they may identify (or not).

Check out the MIM Compass Testimonial Section to find more than 90 experience reports from MIM or specialized business master graduates. Filter for teh schoo or program of your interested. And use the request info button to receive program info from the business schools of your interest.