New MIM Student Blog | Mansi Singh's MIM at the ESMT | Part 1

Published: 18 October 2022 | by Thomas Graf

In fall 2022, Mansi started the Master in Management at the ESMT Berlin. She holds a Bachelor in Electrical Engineering and work experience in cyber risk. Why did she decide for a Master in Management (MIM)? And why for the ESMT Berlin?

MIM student blogs help MIM candidates understand better what they can expect from programs

In our series "student blogs", MIM students share their Master in Management experience with potential future candidates. Readers get a sense of what made students decide for a Master in Management and for a respective university. They also understand more about the application process, gain tips on their own future applications, and learn about what it's like when a program starts.

In her first blog, Mansi she writes about her motivation to do a MIM at the ESMT, the application process and the first week of the program. She also provides useful tips for new MIM candidates.