A Master in Management (MIM) is not the same as an MBA

Published: 1 June 2017 | by Thomas Graf

Masters in Management (MIM) and MBA programs are two distinct types of studies. Among many differences that you can find listed here, a core difference is the respective target group. While MIM programs are pre-experienced studies for recent graduates, MBA programs require several years of post-graduation work experience.

While for many years this distinction wasn't as clear for many students as it should, the general understanding of MIM and MBA program seems to have increased recently. The newest GMAC Prospective Student Survey, in particular, suggests that survey respondents younger than 24 target a Non-MBA business master's while older respondents target MBA programs.

MBA and Non-MBA business master's as tickets for jobs abroad

Nearly three in five prospective business school students, according to the survey, intend to apply to programs outside of their country of residence. One third decide for a master's abroad to find a job in the country where the school is located.

Consulting and Finance are the most preferred industries for graduates

Most graduates from MBA or Non-MBA business master's programs prefer a job in the consulting or financial service industry. Unfortunately, the survey doesn't distinguish between MBA and Non-MBA graduates' preferences.