Published: 15 November 2016 | by Thomas Graf

Dear all,

thank you for visiting the Master in Management Compass - the new and only platform that specializes in providing information about the Master in Management (MiM).

The Master in Management has recently emerged following the Bologna Process and the development of Bachelor and Master programs all over Europe. Due to its general management character, we think that the MiM has a similar potential as the MBA to become a leading and strongly requested postgraduate program.

In contrast to the MBA, however, the MiM generally does not or only to a limited degree require professional experience, something that may make the MiM even more attractive than the MBA. All in all, we think that the MiM is worth a website on its own including an overview on all MiM programs worldwide and the respective academic institutions who offer this type of programs.

It is the goal of the Master in Management Compass team to provide you with the most accurate and comprehensive information available about MiM-programs. Should you miss some information, find something unclear, or want to give us feedback (positive or negative) - please send us an email. We will do our best to regard your concerns and make this website better and better.

In addition, our goal is to make the information of this website available for as many people as possible. You can support us reaching this goal by using our Share button (at the top of this page) or - even more important - linking from other websites to the Master in Management Compass. For all your help we wish to thank you in advance.

Best wishes

Thomas Graf
Founder of the Master in Management Compass