Financial Times Master in Management Ranking 2011

Published: 15 November 2016 | by Thomas Graf

The new Financial Times Master in Management Ranking was published on September 19, 2011. Again 65 Master in Management (MIM) programs have been ranked according to a specific methodology.

Last year's number 1 ESCP Europe fell back on position 3 while the University of St. Gallen achieved the new pole position. The CEMS Master in International Management again achieved position 2, which means that over three years CEMS achieved a top position (position 1 in 2009 and position 2 in 2010 and 2011).

To be eligible for the FT Ranking, a 20% response rate from the schools' alumni is required with a minimum of 20 responses for schools who have less than 100 alumni in the graduating class. Overall, 5,080 alumni from 65 schools responded to the survey this year.

The case of the CEMS Master in Management is a bit different from the other Masters. For this progra, studnets must first study a Master program at a CEMS partner school for one year - then they can join the CEMS MIM, which takes anotehr year and includes a study period at another CEMS partner school. For the Financial Times Ranking, alumni from 27 CEMS partner schools participated in the survey.

As for the Survey Criteria, 6 our of 16 criteria were answered by the schools' alumni: weighted salary today, value for money, careers, aims achieved (per cent), placement success and international mobility. Information for the other 10 criteria were provided from the schools.