Program: A Master of Global Management in 3 Continents

Published: 1 July 2021 | by Thomas Graf

Fordham University (USA) and Antwerp School of Management (Belgium) offer a truly global Master in Management: The 3Continent Global Master of Management can be studied within 12 months across 3 continents.

The program targets graduates from all academic backgrounds and starts in August 2014. Students spend the first period at Antwerp School of Management in Belgium, the second period at the Xavier Institute of Management in Bhubaneswar (India), and the final period at Fordham Graduate School of Business Administration in New York.

Application deadline is March 15, 2014.

Your personal contact at Antwerp School of Management

If you have any question on the 3Continent Master of Global Management, feel free to send a message to the program manager at Antwerp School of Management through our SCHOOL CONTACTS page.