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MSc in Global Logistics | Part 7

Ole and Elias · 2012 - 2014

Published: 9 March 2017 | by Ole and Elias

Final months at the KLU Kühne Logistics University

This will be our last entry about our life as a Master in Management student at the Kühne Logistics University as we successfully graduated on September 12 2014.

Last trimester of the Master in Management

In March this year, we finished our last trimester, which mainly consisted of a group project, called Integration Project II, as well as a leadership course. For the group project we had to develop a real life business idea in groups of 3 or 4 students. It was a real challenge to find and develop a good business idea that reflects a true and unsatisfied need with a sufficiently large market, which, at the same time, has the potential to actually survive in the long run. At the end of the trimester, we had to give a presentation about our business idea in front of real investors as well as our professors. All in all, it was a great experience and we as students learned a lot during these two and half months.

The leadership course, called Leadership in Organizations, was one of the most interesting during our time at the KLU. Different case studies about leadership were presented and openly discussed in the course of this class. Furthermore, we had the opportunity to present leaders from different domains of life, which, according to us, distinguish them as true visionary leaders. In particular, our professor Eric Kearney brought us the topic of leadership in a thoroughly entertaining and above all very interesting way closer to us. To sum up, we as students really enjoyed the lecture and learned a lot about leadership.

Master Thesis

After a short vacation break, we started with our master thesis in the beginning of April. Some of us developed their thesis in cooperation with different companies in the form of an internship. Others of us elaborated on theoretical problems together with the university. Whatever option was chosen in the end, it was definitely a challenge and whoever developed a thesis knows how stressful this process can be. However, at the end of July, we handed in our final version and celebrated all together with our fellow students in Hamburg.

Graduation Ceremony

On September 12 2014, we had our big graduation ceremony at the Kühne Logistics University. It was a unique and unforgettable event, not only for us as graduates, but also for our families and friends who came from all over the world to Hamburg and accompanied us on that special day.

The graduation ceremony started with the procession of all graduates and faculty - all in gowns - into the Audimax of the KLU. Prof. Alan McKinnon led through the graduation ceremony. Prof. Thomas Strothotte, president of the Kühne Logistics University, Prof. Klaus-Michael Kühne, president of the Kühne Foundation, as well as Dr. Markus Conrad, the Chairman of the Board at Tchibo GmbH, held encouraging speeches addressed to us as graduates. As the main part of the graduation ceremony, 25 graduates received their Master of Science in Global Logistics and 13 graduates their Master of Science in Management. Afterwards, Prof. Sönke Albers awarded the best thesis and best students of the Global Logistics and Management Class of 2014. The subsequent student speeches were definitely one of the highlights of the ceremony, emphasizing our personal development as well as our group of totally diverse people from all around the world that has grown together throughout the last two years.

Right after the graduation ceremony, we went on a small boat trip along the river Elbe to celebrate our achievements together with our families and friends.

For us, there was never any doubt that it was the right decision to study at the Kühne Logistics University. During the last two years, we enhanced our professional and personal skills, not least thanks to the young, professional and excellent studying environment with top-class professors and small classes. Furthermore, we could further extend our cultural understanding and awareness, not only through the truly international and culturally diverse atmosphere at the university, but also during our exchange trimester abroad in Shanghai and Istanbul. Finally, we made friends for life and the KLU Alumni Association helps us to stay in contact with each other.

We hope that you, dear readers, have enjoyed reading our blog. We wish you all the best for your future!

Ole & Elias

Ole and Elias MSc in Global Logistics 2012 - 2014
Kuehne Logistics University

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