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Master of Science in Global Logistics | Part 1

Silvia · 2011 - 2013

Published: 9 March 2017 | by Silvia

Hi everybody!

My name is Silvia Gheorghe (23 years old) and I come from Romania. I am studying for a Master of Science in Global Logistics at Kuehne Logistics University in Hamburg, Germany. I graduated this year from “Politehnica” University of Bucharest, where I studied Economical Engineering in German.

Why Logistics?

About a year and a half ago I decided I want to specialize myself in Logistics. What I love about this field is the fact that it involves knowledge from a number of different subjects and by studying it, you get to understand systems from many points of view. Logistics represents a continuation of my previous studies, since it is a combination of both technical and economical knowledge.

Searching for the perfect university for Masters in Logistics

When searching for the perfect university (at least for me), I looked for a study program that kept the subject at a multidimensional level, where we would get to understand the logic behind every choice and decision and where I could use my engineering knowledge while developing managerial instincts. In this search, I found the KLU, which had everything I wanted (and more):

  • the Global Logistics program is designed to offer its students the chance to study a number of different subjects, like logistics, management or leadership
  • it is a truly international environment, with culturally diverse students, lecturers and professors it includes an internship and a trimester abroad at one of its partner universities
  • it is located in one of the world’s most important logistic centers, also one of the most beautiful cities in Europe
  • the classes are small (30 students) which means a better learning experience

Admission Procedure

Even though the KLU is a fairly new university, it has a very solid background and offers the promise of good future development for the people who want an excellent education. The admission procedure was easy and it included:

  • grades from previous studies
  • the CV in the standard KLU format
  • answers to 2 essay questions
  • two letters of recommendation (one from an industry professional and one from an academic person)
  • the TOEFL Exam (because I am not a native English speaker)

Mid-February this year I received good news about my application: I was accepted at the KLU!

Financing my Master in Global Logistics

The university also offers merit-based scholarships and I decided to apply for one of them. I took the GMAT and submitted my application. Imagine my surprise 6 weeks before the beginning of the program when I found out I was awarded one of the scholarships.

Program start: the first 6 weeks

Now, as I am writing this from Hamburg, I start to think about my decision to come here. The reality is so much better than all the presentations. After only two months since the beginning of the courses, I can honestly say I chose well. Although studying here involves a lot of work, the results are worth it!

After a brief pre-course in mathematics both my specialization and the Management specialization got to be properly introduced to the university during a two-day event called Welcome Days where we met our colleagues and professors. All aspects from student life, to library and even student services were covered.

We were then encouraged to get to know our fellow students via a team-building event program. We tightened our bonds during the high-rope course at Kaltenkirchen and then relaxed together during the evening outings.I am very proud to say that everyone here has a welcoming atmosphere, is nice and open-minded. And all this is just a preview of the two years to come.

In future entries I will talk about my experience as a Master’s student at the KLU and living in Hamburg as an international student.

See you around!

Master of Science in Global Logistics - Class of 2013
Kuehne Logistics University

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