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Master in Management | Part 1

Syed · 2014 - 2016

Published: 15 February 2017 | by Syed

About me

My name is Syed Anas Hasan and I am from Pakistan. I am enrolled in the Master in Management Program at WHU – Otto Beisheim School of Management. I’ve completed my undergraduate degree from one of the finest Business Schools in Pakistan i.e. Institute of Business Administration (IBA) with majors in Marketing. I completed my undergraduate in 2012 and then worked for two years in the Telecommunication Industry. I’m adventurous, witty and humorous when I want to be and full of ambition and hopes for the future. If you’re interested in getting acquainted with the Master in Management program and my personal experiences on it, please keep reading!

Why the Master in Management?

After working for two years, I realized that I needed a Masters degree to progress in my career. I opted to gain relevant work experience before my Masters because I wanted to connect the gap between professional life and education. It is this relationship between theory and practice; concept and application, whichmotivated me to pursue my Masters at WHU as it excels in thatdepartment. I researched about different schools and asked for help from the alumni via LinkedIn. Financial Times is a great resource which ranks all the different business schools according to different criteria and it helped me a lot to shortlist some of the best schools in Europe.

Why WHU – Otto Beisheim School of Management?

Being a graduate from one of the top business schools in my country, I was propelled to consider masters programs abroad; Europe being one of the most lucrative destinations for pursuing a Master’s degree. While searching for Masters Programs abroad, I came across the WHU website and instantly bookmarked it. WHU is ranked as one of the best schools not only in Europe but all over the world. It is a very prestigious school and is also known as the ‘school of startups’. With more than 195 partner universities and with alumni spread almost across the globe, the opportunities available at WHU are un-paralleled. Another aspect which I really like about WHU is the international environment over here. With students from roughly more than 20 countries on the Master Programs; WHU creates a fantastic environment for international students and make you fit right in. I was also impressed by the career service at WHU which is ranked again as the number one career service in Europe by the Financial Times.

Admission Process

The admission process at WHU was competitive and it really tested an individual on different criteria. After completing the application formand qualifying for the admission tests, the process comprised of two interviews and a presentation. The minimum GMAT score requirement is 600; my GMAT was not fantastic and it was very close to the minimum requirement but then again I had a work experience of two years which helped me in my application. There are a lot of scholarship opportunities and financing options at WHU. I was rewarded the In Praxi Diversity Scholarship which covers 50% of my tuition fee.

First Week at WHU

For most of you who don’t know WHU, it is located in a small town called Vallendar. Being a nature lover, I enjoy being here. It really is a beautiful place with stunning scenery and close amenities, especially in the nearby city of Koblenz. However my first day did not show off this place from its best side, I still remember when my flight got delayed and I missed my train to Vallendar. Eventually I arrived but it was raining and I got a little bit wet to say the least! Once you get to meet the people here though such things are soon forgotten, it is a very friendly place and buzzing with student activity, even if Vallendardoes also boast a significant elderly population. The first week at Vallendar was very nicely organized by the student body which also included team building activities sponsored by Accenture, BBQ, Valler Ralley, Pub Crawls and all sorts of events which imbibed the WHU spirit in me from day one. In the Welcome Week, you get to interact with almost everyone at WHU and it helps you get settled in very quickly.

Your Contact at the WHU

Julia Teuber is program manager for the Master of Science Programs the at WHU Otto Beisheim School of Management. She welcomes you to contact her whenever you have questions on the WHU or its Masters.

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