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Master of Science in Global Logistics | Part 2

Silvia · 2011 - 2013

Published: 9 March 2017 | by Silvia

Hi again everyone,

Someone asked me recently: ‘When you think about doing a master’s degree, what is the most important thing for you?’ Such an obvious question, but to which my answer didn’t come immediately.

Thinking about your Master: What's the most important thing for me?

It’s clear that the specialization, quality of education and future job opportunities play important roles. But when all this is satisfied, what is left? Is it the cultural experience? The people? The extracurricular activities that the school offers? These things are usually hard to observe from, let’s say, a brochure. But, in the end, these are the elements from which we learn the most. They shape us as persons and as leaders. We become adaptable, highly observant and we begin to comprehend the deeper meaning of things.

Did the courses fulfill my expectations?

Now, at the end of my first trimester at the KLU, I start to think about the differences between my expectations and the reality. From the courses’ point of view, these were as I envisioned. Challenging, intensive and interesting. All courses required at some point in time some group work for solving assignment, cases or just presenting an article. Although we all struggled with group meetings, different schedules and, of course, our new lives, in the end we always get better and better at it. It is, as it should be, a learning process.

Learning from my international fellow students

From the beginning, we all realized we are different. We come from 12 different countries and all we have in common are the English language, the fact that we like logistics and our enthusiasm for this program. From this point on, we work differently, study differently and communicate differently. Even though the goal is the same for each and every one, how we get there is what challenges us every time. The result of all this work, besides the grades, is the fact that we learn as much about ourselves as about the people around us. We develop as individuals within the group and our flexibility becomes a resource for our future.

Learning from practitioners and professors

In the last months, the KLU gave us the chance to see different speakers. One would think that one hour is very little to learn something big. Well, I’m here to tell you that this was not the case.

  • Thomas Lütje, Managing Director of HHLA Terminals GmbH, showed an overview on the current market situation in the container shipping industry and its business cycles.
  • Prof. Alice Eagly from Northwestern University showed that women, even more than men, have leadership styles associated with better performance as leaders, but people still prefer male than female bosses.
  • Prof. Dr. Christian Tröster, as a newly appointed professor here at the KLU, argued that social networks are a hidden force in organizations that have an impact on performance. Managers who understand how these networks work in their organizations have the chance to reap their benefits.
  • Prof. Debjit Roy from Rotterdam School of Management at Erasmus University showed that in logistics or warehouse operations, profitability is gained by using automation and that companies need to design warehouses where autonomous vehicles optimize performance.
  • Prof. Dr. Niels van Quaquebeke, Associate Professor of Leadership and Organizational Behavior here at the KLU presented communication techniques for leaders who want their subordinates to be engaged, active and motivated.

Master in Global Logistics: What have I learned so far?

These are only a few of the highly reputable specialists from academia and practice that have given us a chance to learn outside the classroom, which in itself is something that few students have. Now, in the last weeks of 2011, I think about what I learned this year. I learned that hard work is a prerequisite for good results at THE KLU, that being different is very valuable and that the people around me have the biggest impact on the perception of myself and the world is greatly influenced by others. And, of course, that studying at the KLU is pretty much great.

Here’s to a new year that’s sure to bring even more challenges and life lessons our way!

See you soon,

Master in Global Logistics
Kuehne Logistics University

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