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MSc in Management | Part 3

Fabio, MIM · 2020-2021

Published: 14 September 2021 | by Fabio, MIM

Now that you’re coming to the end of your programme – how would you describe the experience overall?

I still cannot believe how fast the programme is coming to an end. This year has been such a rollercoaster, from multi-mode lectures, to the third lockdown, and finally to the freedom day! Overall I have really enjoyed my time on the programme. The teaching was top quality and the topics covered in various modules were diverse and comprehensive. MSc International Management allows students to personalise their curriculum in the second half of the term so there are tonnes of choices!

Imperial is also a very career-focused university, so the amount of exposure you get to industry is also something I would like to highlight. Throughout the year, I have participated in many company events and industry workshops. They helped me get a better understanding of the various sectors and narrow down my professional goals.

Finally, the College offers a lot of choices for extracurricular activities too. There are numerous clubs and societies available for Imperial students that operated following government restrictions this year. Naturally, depending on the nature of the club, they might have been less active than in previous years, but I’ve still really enjoyed exploring all of the options available!

Overall, the experience of a Master’s is what you make out of it. Personally, going through the hardships of the coursework with my brilliant colleagues is what made my year at Imperial College Business School.

What were your highlights (favourite modules, projects, etc?)

There are so many big and small highlights during this year that made it special. I would like to share three of them.

Firstly, MSc International Management students have the opportunity to study some of the MBA electives,. These are my favourite modules as they give you the chance to work with MBA students who have different backgrounds and expertise. It is interesting to notice the difference between an MSc and an MBA classroom. I highly recommend taking them in your study path.

Second is the consulting projects. As an aspiring consultant, I found the university consulting projects to be good introductions to the consulting world. They gave me a taste of what a consulting job looks like and whether I am really into it. In my case it really strengthened my motivation in consulting and confirmed my interest in the field.

Third, as mentioned in the previous parts of my blog, the people are the biggest highlight of the programme. The diversity and open-mindedness of the cohort are truly astounding. I would rate the programme 10/10 just because of the colleagues I have met at Imperial. This is a result of the reputation of the College and the effective selection process of the admissions team.

What’s next for you and how do you think the programme has prepared you?

The programme provided me with a bigger platform to kick off my professional career. From the faculty to the Careers team, their support was essential for my personal and professional growth. I will be joining a strategy consulting firm in London upon graduation and I am super excited about it.

The programme also helped me build my network around the world since the students are so diverse and international. In addition, the alumni network of both Imperial College and the Business School are great resources for future development and exciting new opportunities.

What was your favourite thing about studying in London and will you be staying?

London has been ranked number one in the best student city ranking again this year by QS. Indeed, it is the best place I have ever been. Having lived both in Europe and China, I think London has a combination of the best qualities from both of them. The originality and history mixed with diversity and modernity make London unique and attractive to me.

The diverse international environment is best suited for people pursuing an international career. The city offers some of the best museums in the world and you can spend days visiting just one of them. The British architecture is well maintained in many parts of the city, where you can discover Victorian London if you are into European history.

Unfortunately, as an Italian, the food and the weather are huge sacrifices I have to make! However, the city offers so much else in compensation. I will be staying in London upon graduation to start my career in strategy consulting. I am very excited and looking forward to it.

What would your advice to future applicants be?

If I enjoyed London and Imperial so much during a pandemic, you will also surely be able to make the most out of it! In my opinion, one of the biggest challenges for an international student coming to London is trying to find a base to build your new life. As London is a big city, it is very easy to be lost or buried in the crowd. My advice is to be adventurous and explore every bit of your new home. University-wise, participate in as many activities as you can handle. Your classmates are the best cornerstone to build your social life in the city.

Imperial College offers lots of clubs and student societies – so you’ll almost certainly find one that matches your hobbies and interests. Career-wise, the best advice I can give is to start early. As the master’s programmes are very intense and compact, you should start preparing even before joining Imperial, especially if you are interested in banking or consulting. Finally, I would like to give you the best advice I have received from an alumnus: enjoy your life in London, as one year goes by very quickly.

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