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Master of Science in Global Logistics | Part 5

Silvia · 2011 - 2013

Published: 9 March 2017 | by Silvia

Hi everyone,

This is blog post number 5 and in the time since you read my last blog, I have finished my internship which was part of the study program.

Internship: Learning about trade-fair logistics

My company of choice dealt with the trade fair industry and managed events for companies based in Europe. The most beneficial part about my internship was the fact that I learned a lot about trade fair organization, the logistics behind the scenes and since everything was project-based, each task offered something new. Overall, I worked with some great people; I learned many new things whilst having a good time.

Studying your Master in Logistics abroad: at one of KLU's partner universities

Currently, I am in Bucharest and preparing for my trimester abroad. I have decided to study at one of the KLU’s partner universities, the Tongji University in Shanghai in China. I will be there from September until December 2012. Before my travels I will need a few vaccinations and have to prepare my visa documents. But I am already sure it will be worth it. Between classes, living in Shanghai and travelling to places like Tokyo, Beijing, Singapore and Bangkok, I’ll have a lot on my plate.

Keeping up the contact means becoming masters of communication

Some of my class mates have already started their trimesters abroad. They report seeing a lot of new and exciting things and having a lot of fun while studying. At the same time, some are still working, since they start the school year in October. Even though we are spread out in different parts of the world, we manage to communicate with each other and share as much as we can. I really do believe we have already all become masters of coordination…

Looking forward to the fifth trimester and beyond

When we see each other again in Hamburg it will be January 2013 and the start of our 5th and final trimester taught on campus. It’s also going to be a very busy time as our class is preparing for their dissertations and graduation. We will be making plans for our future, looking for jobs and deciding which steps we should take next in our lives. While some are planning to take a few months off, others want to start working immediately or think about pursuing a doctoral program. Whatever comes up, our Master’s degree from the Kühne Logistics University will have an essential influence on our future.

Being part of the Kuehne Logistics University: watching new students and programs come

In January we’ll also have the chance to meet the next generation of master students who I hope will be just as eager as we were a year before. But this time it will be us returning with all the stories about our studies abroad (hopefully we will be as helpful to them as the first generation was for us in figuring out which location would be the best for us). At the same time I am keen to see how the university is preparing for the new program, a Bachelor in Management, which starts in September 2013 and of course offers a specialization in logistics.

Master of Global Logistics at the KLU: It's exciting!

With the end of my first year just around the corner, I think to myself: doesn’t time fly?!! It seems as if our welcome weeks (read Part 1 if you want to know more about it) were only a few days ago. Nevertheless, I am happy with everything I’m doing; I’m travelling a great deal and always learning something new. Following my own rule, if it’s exciting, then I’m doing it right.

I wish you all the best of luck in whatever you choose to do!


Master in Global Logistics - Class of 2013
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