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Master of Science in Global Logistics | Part 6

Silvia · 2011 - 2013

Published: 9 March 2017 | by Silvia

A trimester in Shanghai

Hello everyone,

Since my previous post was published more than 6 months ago, time really has flown by! It seems that only yesterday I was packing my bags for the trimester abroad at Tongji University in Shanghai, China. Nevertheless, a lot has happened in the meantime. Let’s recap.

While we were abroad, the KLU was busy

  • The KLU was ranked 7th among Business Administration faculties in Germany, Austria and Switzerland
  • The first class of Global Logistics graduated
  • The KLU welcomed the Class of 2014 in Global Logistics as well as Management (the third generation already!)

The trimester in Shanghai and the excitement of travelling

To summarize the 4-month time in Shanghai in a few words: different, crazy, culture shock, what was I thinking?, interesting, watch out for cars and bikes!, travel time, funky food, study, pack bags again. I managed to travel as much as I wanted: Beijing and the Great Wall of China (yes, it really is impressive), Hong Kong (like China, but in a different way), Singapore (the best mix of cultures in a small amount of space – I felt like at the KLU) and Japan. The trip to Japan was longer and involved copious amounts of planning, but I managed to get to Hiroshima (to see the Hiroshima Peace Memorial, something I recommend to everyone), Kyoto (the best temples and parks I have ever seen; the Gion in the evening is a wonder), Osaka and Tokyo (the nightlife is an experience in itself).

I also took the trimester abroad courses, which were offered in English as well as German and were generally taught by German professors. From wandering around in the Jing’an area to going up to the highest observation deck in the world at Shanghai World Financial Center (some dizzying 474 meters above ground level) or cooking dumplings with my Chinese buddy, there was always something to do. By the time to pack my bags again, I barely had enough time to squeeze all my souvenirs and presents in before I had to leave for the airport!

Back at the KLU for the 5th Trimester

In the beginning of January the last trimester of classes started. There were some hugs involved in the first day (we hadn’t seen each other for months) and a lot of stories were shared. Since then we’ve all been trying to figure our dissertation subjects as well as our future orientation. The trainings provided by the Career Center on writing CVs, cover letters and even interviewing are also a big help. The classes this trimester focused more on the practical side and preparing us for writing our dissertation:

  • Strategic Supply Chain Management
  • Business Communication
  • Economies of Business Strategy & Competition
  • Applied Research Methods

Ending with a bang a.k.a writing the dissertation

In the next months, all our efforts will be focused on delivering a dissertation with the support of a professor. Whether we work with or without a company, the 4 months will be a time when we’ll focus on a subject and try to solve a problem by using theoretical knowledge. I predict a lot of time will be spent buried under books :)

As the end is near, I feel nostalgic about my time at the KLU. At the same time I feel excited about the future and life after KLU.

I hope to end this experience with the same enthusiasm I started with, because up until this point is was worth it!


Master in Global Logistics - Class of 2013
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