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MSc in Sports Industry Management | Part 1

Matthieu · 2013 - 2014

Published: 9 March 2017 | by Matthieu

Hello everyone,

here is my first blog on my MSc in Sports Industry Management experience at emlyon.

What I did before the MSc in Sports Industry Management

I graduated in 2006 from INPG engineering school in Grenoble with an Electronic Master of Science Degree, and from UPC in Barcelona with a Telecommunication Master Degree. I then went to Ireland to improve my English, and finally was enrolled at Apple Care at the beginning of 2007 as a Technical Support. I stayed there for two and a half years and moved to a professional support role. I then discovered video analysis, that combined perfectly my passion for sports with my ability to work on computers. I worked as a trainee for different teams and sports such as Aviron Bayonnais in Rugby, U20 Colombian national football team, and finally ended up working for a video analysis software company, Sportstec.

Why I decided to join the program

At that time, I felt I needed to have a degree in Management to better shape my future career. I checked the different programmes on the internet available in French Business Schools. It appeared that emlyon’s sports management programme, in partnership with the Outdoor Sports Valley was the best fit to my needs. The quality of the school, combined with the companies affiliated to OSV was the perfect match to have access to a good education and start building a good network for my career.

Why emlyon business school

emlyon offers a mindset driven towards entrepreneurship that fits what I want to achieve in the future. The quality of the school, and the fact that I knew friends who had graduated from this school and were enthusiastic about it played a role as well. emlyon was one of the only schools to provide a dedicated programme to the sports industry in general, not just sporting events or sports marketing for example. I also contacted members from the previous cohort and they all agreed that the programme was excellent and that the teachers and professionals giving lectures really know their topic and have in depth knowledge about the sector as they generally have been working in it for a long time.

How was the admission process

I wasn’t really nervous about the admission process. I knew my English was good enough, and that my past training, experiences and passion for sports were good assets to be accepted in the programme. I didn’t feel really nervous during the interview. Also, I applied only to this master as I knew that it was the perfect boost for my career.

My first impression when the program actually started

I really felt at ease from the very beginning of the programme. emlyon organised a really good induction week in order for us, students of the cohort, to better know each other. It was really good and set the year off to a great start. The cohort is small which led us to get acquainted really fast with one another and every professional we met throughout the year.

Matthieu Prudhomme
MSc in Sports Industry Management 2013/14

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