Aalto University School of Business

Master's Degree Programme in Entrepreneurship


Fostering entrepreneurship and its education is globally seen as an accelerator in developing economy and society in changing and complex environment. This need relates to the interrelated triangle of evolving labour markets and employment, innovativeness and renewal of economies, educational institutions and individual competences.

Broadly understood, entrepreneurship refers to the way that individuals and organisations create and implement new ideas and ways of doing things, respond proactively to the environment, and thus initiate change in uncertainty and complexity. The focus is on opportunity creation, exploration and exploitation in diverse contexts – start-ups, small businesses, large firms and organisations as well as in the interface between public and private sectors. These competences are at the core of the Entrepreneurship Master´s programme.

The programme offers the students an outstanding opportunity to learn how to behave entrepreneurially and create new ventures in a global context as a business owner-manager or team member, as an entrepreneurial expert or manager, as a policy maker in diverse national and international positions or as an advisor/consultant of entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial processes.

Learning outcomes

Students graduating from the Master´s programme in Entrepreneurship will learn:

  • Entrepreneurial Competences: behaving entrepreneurially, creating and managing new ventures in global context
  • Entrepreneurship Research Competences: understanding entrepreneurial process, problems, and specifics of business life-cycle


  • to create, explore and manage new ventures in global context
  • to behave entrepreneurially
  • to understand the entrepreneurial process, problems, and specifics of business life-cycle
  • to understand the problems, processes and specifics of start-ups and small businesses
Teaching ModeFull Time
Academic RequirementsNo academic background in business or economics required
Length24 Months