Aalto University School of Business

Master's Degree Programme in Management and International Business


The purpose of the Master’s Programme in Management and International Business (M&IB) is to educate professionals with competences and skills that enable organizations to anticipate and respond to strategic challenges in a creative, responsible and interdisciplinary manner. The programme offers a research-based and practically grounded understanding of management and international business. The distinctive feature in the programme is its focus on working and interacting with diverse people in the various contexts of the global economy.

The programme caters for students who enjoy intellectual challenges. It encourages students to cross disciplinary and other boundaries, and prepares them for engaging with tough challenges, connecting practice with scholarship, inviting creativity, and developing and leading inclusive futures. The courses offered in the programme fall into two specialization areas: (1) Global Business Leadership and (2) Developmental Work and HR.

Global Business Leadership provides a state-of-the-art understanding of management and business in the global context. All courses in this specialization area are offered in English. Students can focus on a variety of topic areas, including strategy work, managing international human resources, strategies for internationalization, and business in the Russian context. Those intrigued by questions of sustainability, responsibility and business ethics, or global and socio-political networks, in turn, are able to make use of our broad expertise in these areas. The Global Business Leadership specialization area draws on close collaboration with companies and other organizations. It seeks to educate open-minded and competent professionals with analytical, communicational and cultural sensitivity skills needed to succeed in the international business arena.

Developmental Work and HR offers a unique in-depth focus on Human Resource Management and Developmental Work in the business context. The goal is to educate reflective practitioners with analytical and practical skills to work with diverse people in a variety of workplaces and to develop their work practices. This specialization area draws upon a practice-based understanding of work and applies advanced learning methods, including collaboration with practitioners. The curriculum supports students’ professional identity projects and prepares them to meet the practical, political and moral dilemmas of work.

Learning outcomes

Depending on the combination of courses that the students choose to take, upon completion of the Master’s in Management and International Business (M&IB) degree they are able to

  • understand strategy work in and across organizations
  • analyze markets, businesses and organizations
  • conceptualize complex business, management and organizational phenomena
  • develop ideas into businesses
  • design, perform and develop (I)HR practices
  • promote cross-cultural interaction
  • develop activities and well-being in diverse organizations
  • renew professional practices

Teaching ModeFull Time
Academic RequirementsAcademic background in business or economics
Length24 Months