Aalto University School of Business

Master's Degree Programme in Marketing


Marketing is a way of thinking and mode of practice quintessential to all dimensions of business. In this programme, you will attain an in-depth understanding of this philosophy and a solid foundation of the skills and know-how required of a top marketing specialist. To ensure this foundation, the programme is spearheaded by four core courses: Strategic Marketing, Business Marketing, Retail Marketing and Consumer Culture. To further strengthen these core areas of knowledge, you may also learn about Sustainable Marketing, Brands in Strategic Marketing, Managing Innovative Selling, Sales Competition, Digital Marketing, Consumer Behavior in Design and Fashion, Fashion Marketing, Consumer Psychology.

The Strategic Marketing course takes you to the core of the business. These courses cover a wide range of issues regarding the role of marketing in corporate strategies, management practices, competitive advantage and business performance, while also familiarizing you with the role of marketing in sustainable leadership and societally responsible decision-making. The course offers you concrete knowledge, skills, and analytic aptitude for building effective business models and commercializing profitable innovations.

The Business Marketing course provides you with knowledge on how companies create value for their business customers. This involves understanding complex organizational buying behavior, designing of product and service offerings, creation and management of customer-supplier relationships, and utilization of strategic business and innovation networks in the global context. Special attention is given to high-tech and knowledge intensive industries, industrial service business, and emerging new business fields.

The Retail Marketing course provides you with know-how and practical skills for customer and market-orientated creation of value in retail business. In particular, the course gives you a firm understanding of retail and channel management, retail concepts and business models, retail marketing, consumer driven value chain management in retailing, as well as teaching you how to develop, implement, and analyze digital marketing strategies using electronic media.

The Consumer Culture course offers you an in-depth understanding of consumers and consumer society. You will obtain knowledge and skills in cultural consumer research,  exploring individual, social and cultural aspects of consumer behavior and how these understandings can be harnessed to create value for customers, companies and the well-being of society as a whole.

Learning outcomes

After graduating from the Marketing programme, you will:

  • know how to apply marketing theory and practices independently and critically;
  • have the required knowledge and skills to develop customer-orientated business strategies, analyze the behavior of business customers and consumers and to create long-term customer relationships in an economically and ethically sustainable fashion;
  • be prepared to use methodological tools and apply academic research literature in marketing research.
Teaching ModeFull Time
Academic RequirementsAcademic background in business or economics
Length24 Months