University of St.Gallen, IfB

Master of Arts in Strategy and International Management (SIM-HSG)

The SIM programme offers a top-notch graduate-level education in Strategy and International Management and blends academic coursework with realising challenging goals in practice. The curriculum is enriched by opportunities for personal development. Students are encouraged to build leadership qualities alongside their courses and practical experiences. Challenging international projects and internships invite students to sharpen the skills required of future global leaders and to reflect upon their own mindsets and attributes.

The SIM programme seeks to provide students with the necessary skills in the field of management while enabling them to pursue professional careers as respected and responsible managers, entrepreneurs, business consultants or academics. The programme builds upon the disciplines of strategy, leadership, finance, marketing, organisational behaviour and international management. Advanced courses in these majors are complemented by a selection of SIM Integratives, which explore sizeable management challenges of our time by taking a holistic approach to the relevant management disciplines. The mandatory pillar “SIM in Practice” ensures that new learning is applied in corporate practice and international projects.

SIM Curriculum

The SIM curriculum unites the best of both worlds. It combines the research-based, academic rigour of a Master of Arts with the interactive nature and practice-oriented approach present in leading MBA programmes. This demanding curriculum also reflects the confidence that the programme’s founders have in their students’ abilities and potential.

The curriculum consists of 90 ECTS credits and is typically three semesters (1.5 years) in duration. On account of its international orientation, the language of instruction and examination is English. The SIM class is small in size (approximately 45 students per year). Several courses, such as the SIM Integratives, are limited to 30 participants, thereby allowing for an even higher level of intensity in the interactive teaching. Upon successful completion of the programme, graduates are awarded the reputable Master of Arts HSG (M.A. HSG) in Strategy and International Management.

The Profile of a SIM Student

Students applying for the SIM programme are strategic thinkers with high ambitions. They are intelligent, creative and on track to become the next generation of responsible and respected business leaders. The selection criteria allow for the admission of a group of highly capable and motivated students.

Teaching ModeFull Time
Academic RequirementsAcademic background in business or economics
Tuition Fees

Tuition fees for Master’s programmes

  • CHF 1426 for matriculated domestic students in a regular semester
  • CHF 3326 for matriculated foreign students in a regular semester
Length1.5 years
Application Deadline

30 April