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MSc in Luxury Management & Marketing


As the global luxury market’s centre of gravity shifts from the West to the East, from Europe to Asia, so do the business challenges luxury companies face on a daily basis. To successfully develop a career in this industry, it is therefore vital for future managers to establish a thorough understanding of how customer expectations and cultural norms influence the brand strategies that are the basis of success for all luxury companies. The MSc in Luxury Management & Marketing responds to this need, by offering you a true multi-campus, multi-national experience to teach you how to navigate these different business environments.

By studying in three distinct locations (Paris, London or New-York and Shanghai), you will develop both a broad view of the global luxury industry as a whole, acquire the specialist knowledge required for success in this industry, learn how to navigate the specifics of these different business markets successfully, and in addition build the foundations for the intercultural competencies that working in a global industry requires.

Teaching ModeFull Time
Academic RequirementsNo academic background in business or economics required
Tuition Fees

29,000 euros

Pricing is for the academic year of 2016/2017 and may be subject to change. All indicated fees include tuition, enrolment fees and lifelong membership of emlyon business school forever alumni network.
Note: Application fees: 120 euros

Length16 months, Full-time
Application Deadline

emlyon business school offers several application deadlines throughout the year. 

Application Procedure
  • Bachelor's degree
    Please note: 3-year Bachelor's degree may be accepted for excellent profiles, including French Bac +3
  • English Proficiency Score
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