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MSc in Sports Industry Management | Part 2

Matthieu · 2013 - 2014

Published: 15 February 2017 | by Matthieu

Hello everyone,

here is my second blog on my MSc in Sports Industry Management experience at emlyon.

What did I learn in the first part of the Master?

The first part of our master was dedicated to the basics of management at emlyon business school. We were taught marketing, economics, accounting etc… We also had a specific class during the three months about entrepreneurship, where we had to simulate the first step to create a company. Finally, we had introductory classes about the sports industry, its global actors, retailers and markets with professionals from the sports industry.

From the French Alpes...

Then we went to Annecy, in the French Alps, where we had more in depth classes about the sports industry. Amongst others, we had retail classes with the head of global retailing at Amer Sports, Pascal Clausse, product marketing with the CEO of Hoka One One and former CEO of Salomon, Jean-Luc Diart, and event sponsorship and organization with Michel Desbordes. This three months in Annecy were dedicated to the sports industry only and was the best part of the program, as we could meet and talk with a lot of different professionals, whether in class or visiting companies around Annecy.

... to the emlyon campus in Shanghai

Our last part of the Master was in Shanghai, China, where emlyon business school has a campus there. We had classes about Asia, doing business in Asia, negotiation and sourcing among others. We also had classes specific to sports in Asia, the differences, the marketing, and how to compete in the emerging markets. It has been a great discovery to see how different is the market there, what could work, and what is not working, the mistakes made by west companies going there previously, etc…

Looking back on the first academic year

To conclude, I can say that this academic year at emlyon in the Sport Industry Management program has been really interesting, with a wide range of classes and turned toward the professional world with a lot of classes taught by actual actors of the industry. We discovered many faces of the industry and how to be able to compete in it.

Matthieu Prudhomme
MSc in Sports Industry Management 2013/14

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