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Master in Management | Part 2

Syed · 2014 - 2016

Published: 15 February 2017 | by Syed

Syed Anas Hasan is from Pakistan. He started the Master in Management Program at WHU – Otto Beisheim School of Management in 2014.

More than a month into the program, I was finally getting settled in. While the first few weeks were exciting, the next ones were very strenuous.

Info about the Master in Management Program at WHU

There are two tracks for the Master’ Programs at WHU. The shorter track (90 credits) and the longer track (120 credits). In the longer track, students go on an exchange semester and WHU has partnerships with some excellent business schools from all over the world. I am in the longer track program and for my exchange semester I am going to Rochester University in New York which starts in August. After the exchange semester, the students have to write a thesis with their respective chairs. The whole program in the longer track is spread over a period of 21 months.

First Semester at WHU

WHU follows a quarter system, which means that we had two quarters every semester. In a quarter a student can chose a maximum of 5 courses. The first semester is very important because it dictates where students go for their study abroad program. You shouldn’t be really worried though, because there are around 150+ partner schools, so you will still get a good school regardless of your grades. My courses in the first semester were from the Marketing & Sales, Accounting and Strategy concentrations.

Some of the courses require individual assignments only whereas others demand team effort and group work. Since WHU is a very international business school, working in group projects has been a wonderful experience for me because of the diversity in teams. It not only pushes you to work hard but also opens you to different experiences. The grading system at WHU is relative so you really have to push yourself to be on the other side of the curve, so my advice to you guys would be, ‘May the curve be with you’ ;)

WHU Career Center

The Career Center at WHU has been ranked the best according to the Financial Times and I would definitely second it, because the amount of effort the team puts into an individual, and the level of counseling they provide, is amazing. I have been in touch with the Career Center department from day one and its staff has been extremely helpful with guiding you towards your career path, be it Start-ups, Investment Banking, Consulting or Industries. Apart from the individual guidance from the Career Center, there were several career events where representatives from different companies were present to answer all the queries. Some of the events worth mentioning were the Career Day, Founders Career Day and a Round Table of WHU Alumni guiding the international students.

WHU Euromasters

If you think WHU is all work and no party, then you’re wrong. Europe’s biggest sporting event where business schools from all over Europe participate is one of the highlights of WHU and the prestigious event is held every year. The good thing about the event is that it is organized by students and the environment all over the school over the next days is just amazing. You get to meet many people, the parties are huge and exciting, there is a speed dating with different sponsors so if you’re lucky you might end up with an internship at the end of the day. For more details, do visit the website and watch the aftermoviejust to get a glimpse of the event. If you’re studying anywhere in Europe just get registered with your friends for an event and be a part of Euromasters ;)

Semester Break

This marks the end to the activities that happened in the first semester - A lot of studying, team work, presentations, reports, papers and a lot of traditional parties at the prestigious Vaulted Cellar at WHU ;) For now the next stop is Istanbul for New Year. I am looking forward to coming back to Vallendar for the second semester. Till then/Bis Dann :)

Your Contact at the WHU

Julia Teuber is program manager for the Master of Science Programs the at WHU Otto Beisheim School of Management. She welcomes you to contact her whenever you have questions on the WHU or its Masters.

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