Vlerick Business School

Masters in Marketing Management


Become a pragmatic, result-oriented marketing professional with our intensive Masters in Marketing Management. Join fellow students in solving real business problems in close collaboration with actual companies. Visit leading multinational companies in Belgium and Ireland, on the international study trip and practice your skills during an intensive 4-month market research project, within a company of your choice.

Discover, define and develop your true potential!

Our Masters in Marketing Management forms a bridge between the knowledge you have acquired at university and the practical challenges of the corporate world. Develop a solid theoretical grounding in a variety of marketing domains along with the insights, skills and confidence you need to put new ideas into practice, drive change and generate lasting results.

What do you get out of a Vlerick M3?
  • A life-changing experience
  • A global perspective on marketing and business
  • Solid foundations for a successful career
  • The latest insights in marketing and management theory
  • Real practical experience
  • Some of the best friends you’ll ever make
  • Comprehensive career guidance
  • Outstanding employment opportunities
  • Lifelong development and networking
  • The credentials of a leading business school
  • Rapid growth in your future career
Get an international perspective in Belgium

Choosing a school can be hard, but choosing the location where you want to study even harder! Belgium makes that decision easy. This small country in the heart of Europe has a number of strengths, not least of which in terms of employment opportunities and a prosperous economy.

Why would foreigners come to Belgium to live and work? Vacature Magazine answers this question with its '11x best of Belgium'.

Many countries claim to be ‘in the heart of Europe’, but only Belgium truly is! From any of our Belgian campuses you can be in Paris, Frankfurt, London or Amsterdam in less than three hours. Brussels is not only the capital of Belgium, it is also home to the headquarters of the European Union, NATO and many other global institutions. In addition, several thousand international companies have their headquarters or operational centres based in the area. Both Ghent and Leuven are bustling student towns, with beautiful medieval centres highlighted by abbeys, churches, museums, historical buildings and world-heritage sites.

Belgium is bubbling with culture

Belgium is a real Mecca for international culture fans. Its myriad of historical cities is home to an equally diverse array of world class dance, theatre, film and music

Teaching ModeFull Time
Academic RequirementsNo academic background in business or economics required
Tuition Fees


Length10 Months      
Application Deadline

31 March for non-EU applications ; 30 June for EU applicants

Application Procedure

The admissions process is highly selective and strives to build a diverse and ambitious class. Applications are processed on a rolling basis through our customised online application system. Since the number of places available in each programme is limited, we strongly recommend applying early. To qualify for our Masters programmes, you must meet two requirements:

  1. Hold a university degree You must hold a 4-year degree (minimum 240 ECTS credits) from a recognised academic institution. A 3-year university degree is also accepted if you have at least one year of relevant work experience or an additional 1-year degree (minimum 60 ECTS credits). In some cases a GMAT may be required as well. Note that you do not have to wait for your final examination results to apply.
  2. Pass the admissions process You can apply for admission in one of two equivalent ways: an on-campus assessment or a distance assessment.