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Advanced Master in Quantitative Finance

Solvay Brussels School of Economics and Management has developed 5 Advanced Masters taking into account current changes in the world of finance, entrepreneurship, marketing and management. These programmes are designed for participants with a career focusing on a specific sector or area in which they seek to deepen their knowledge. They allow participants, recently graduated Masters students with no or limited professional experience(normally maximum 3 years), to meet their professional objectives and give them the expertise and extra added-value skills that recruiters look for.

These Advanced Masters are designed as full-time programmes for one academic year andare entirely taught in English. They confer postgraduate university certificatesand represent 60 ECTS each.

  • The Advanced Master in Creativity & Marketing presents, discusses and teaches new marketing alternatives to the classic demand-based approaches. It is a truly unique approach to marketing that focuses on the marketing of the future rather than taking the historical approach of other programmes.
  • The Advanced Master in Financial Markets offers a complementary education in finance and financial markets to the curricula of classic graduate programmes in finance or economics. It focuses on creating bridges between theory and practice, as well as on the policy and strategic aspects of the current financial context.
  • The Advanced Master in Quantitative Finance offers prospective students a rich curriculum combining finance, statistics, econometrics, programming and mathematics. This Master guarantees a full coverage of financial disciplines, such as asset and derivative pricing, numerical methods and programming skills. This advanced course work is designed for students with a quantitative background, obtained either from recent education or through professional experience.
  • The Advanced Master in Innovation & Strategic Management will provide students with the tools, skills and mindset needed to deal with the challenge of fast-evolving organisations. It covers the main management disciplines (strategy, marketing, finance, project management, etc.) with a focus on the future. It embraces innovation in all its aspects, from technological, thanks to a real understanding of social media, new products and services, to new business models and organisational forms.
  • The Advanced Master in Innovation & Entrepreneurship is a 12 month International Master programme taking place at Solvay Brussels School of Economics & Management and MIP Politecnico di Milano. The Advanced Master in Innovation & Entrepreneurship is aimed at candidates who want to think and act like entrepreneurs and become innovative leaders.
Teaching ModeFull Time
Academic RequirementsNo academic background in business or economics required
Tuition Fees

15,000 €

Length1 Year
Application Deadline

August 31

Advanced Master in Creativity & Marketing

Advanced Master in Quantitative Finance · 2014 - 2015

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