MiM at NOVA University - What do you think?

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  • Posted by WillVad on 12/11/10 1:11am


    I was thinking about doing the MiM at NOVA University in Lisbon. As far as I can see, it sounds quite interesting. Do you have any experiences with it? My fear is that employers in f.e. England, Germany, Denmark etc.perceive the NOVA University as of lower quality since it is situated in Portugal.
    I know that this thinking is completely wrong, but some employers think that way.

    It'd be nice, if you would share your thoughts or experiences with me.

    Kind regards

    • Posted by Thomas Graf on 12/12/10 4:11pm

      Hi WillVad,

      it will be difficult to find someone who is able to answer your question directly and reliably because no one has this knowledge. But three ideas come to my mind:

      1. The NOVA offers the CEMS Master in International Management
      By this the NOVA is part of the CEMS network with over 60 company partners. At least among them I would expect some acknowledgement of the NOVA even if you do not decide for the CEMS Master.

      2. Find out where the NOVA graduates work after graduation
      This gives you another indication about which employers know and appreciate NOVA. You can find this out by (a) checking the statistics on the NOVA website (ususally business schools publish these data), (b) directly asking the NOVA admissions office.

      3. Ask the employers of your interest
      An often overlooked but effective way to get answers is to ask the company of your interest directly. Just call them (or their competitors), ask for a person in the recruiting department, and openly say who you are, that you are interested in this company, that you are also interested in the NOVA Master in Management and that you would like to ask them for information about how they perceive and value a master degree from there.

      I hope this helps.

      Best wishes

      • Posted by WillVad on 12/12/10 5:21pm

        Dear Thomas,

        thank you for you quick reply. I'll definitely follow your advise.

        Thanks a lot and best regards


        • Posted by Bernardo on 12/15/10 12:25pm


          I am currently in the NOVA PhD program in management, but allow me to add some remarks much in line with what tom previously said:

          1. Education: the mim program is very rigorous. Requires strong analytical skills and a strong working ethic. By this I mean be prepared for some mathematics and statistics and to work very hard in group assignments. Several instructors have A-journal publications (faculty employability depends on publications) and some extensive industry experience (administrators of bluechip banks, consultants, consumer good companies);

          2. Employability: portuguese students do extremely well after program completion, getting the best jobs in the portuguese market and also being quite successful abroad. Foreigners only get positions in portugal if they learn the language. Positions abroad (even in portuguese mnc like millenium bank or edp renewables are however available, particularly in investment banking, consulting and marketing;

          hope this helps. If you need more info to help you decide please ask me or contact Charlotte Hamilton (csaldanha@fe.unl.pt) , the program secretary.

          • Posted by WillVad on 12/15/10 11:23pm

            Hey Bernado,

            your post really helps me to solidify my decision for applying for the NOVA MiM.

            As you stated in your post, the NOVA Master in Management program is highly demanding, as a matter of fact, I am looking for such a program.
            One point that explicitly struck me was your comment on the math and statistics workload. Even though I expect to graduated with a BBA diploma in June 2011, my focus on mathematics is rather weak. To put it frankly, I have not seen a complex equation since I finished school.

            Would you have any advice on how to prepare for this or what to actually expect?

            I would be very thankful for any advice.

            Best regards

            • Posted by Bernardo on 12/16/10 4:16pm

              Glad to be of use Will,

              On maths and statistics: there are special skill training for new students. Anyway, what can you expect: some calculus (equation solving, derivative computing); basic econometrics (introductory course is offered) and some statistics. finance and economics courses tend to be more demanding in analytical skills still i would strongly urge you to take courses like empirical finance which are known for the quality if instructors.

              well, having said this, i hope i didnt scare you off. i meant to give a truly honest account of what to expect here. overall students are very committed to the program but still manage to have loads of fun. lisbon is a beatiful city to live, not too big nor too small. life is cheap and you a very cosmopolitan environment in the school.