Nyenrode Business Universiteit Breukelen, The Netherlands

Master Programs

Address:Nyenrode Business Universiteit
Straatweg 25
3621 BG Breukelen
Country:The Netherlands
Nyenrode Business Universiteit

Studying at the Nyenrode Business Universiteit

The Nyenrode Business Universiteit is most selective in searching for students, focusing on their motivation for knowledge and social skills, since, in the Netherlands, they are supposedly the only private university, thus also being a business which is not oriented towards profit. The academical research mostly has direct practical relevance for the local or national business community, which usually sponsors and supports this important investigation, so that students get the opportunity to develop significant skills, yet represent the universities’ strict academic independence towards the financier.

Management Masters

Besides the Master of Science in Management (MiM) the Nyenrode Business Universiteit also offers other graduate programs in management such as:

  • MBA
  • MSc in Accountancy
  • MSc in Controlling