2 out of 3 Masters in Management do NOT require a business or economics degree

Published: 30 January 2020 | by Thomas Graf

You do not have an undergraduate degree in business or economics? You've always thought that you need to do an MBA to gain a postgraduate degree in Management? WRONG.

2 out of 3 MIM full-time programs do NOT require a first degree in business or economics

About two thirds of the Master in General Management full-time programs worldwide do NOTrequire a Bachelor in business or economics. These programs are either open also for graduates from some academic disciplines, for instance in social sciences; or they specifically target graduates from disciplines other than business or economics; or they are open fro graduates from all academic disciplines. This is the result of our Global MIM Survey 2012.

  • If you only evaluate the Master in Management programs listed in the Financial Times Ranking 2012 the relation is basically the same: 21 out of 70 ranked programs (=30 percent) do require a first degree in business or economics.
  • There are regional differences, however. In Germany, for instance, the majority of MIM programs requires a first degree in business or economics while in the UK it is the opposite.

You can track this information by using our search engine and its filters (please filter "General Management" as program focus and then "Entry requirements" and "teaching method") or visit our Financial Times Ranking page where you find all ranked programs listed with the information about pre-experience required or not.

Is the Master in Management an alternative to the MBA?

Clearly, Masters in Management are no alternative to the Master of Business Administration, at least not with respect to full-time programs. While MIM programs target graduates or recent graduates and qualify for entry positions, the MBA targest professionals for advanced positions after graduation.

By Thomas Graf