Urgent help regarding my course selection

School selection
  • Posted by akshata92 on 06/15/13 11:58pm

    Dear sir,

    I recently happened to see this page and i am glad to know that you offer such help to students like me who want to pursue a a Masters degree in Management.
    I would like your advice on my course selection. I am really confused as to which course i should take up,I wish to return back to India after my graduate studies and want to work in India,so keeping that aspect into consideration could you suggest me how i should go about it.And i am going to write GRE in july,is that a problem since i am not writing GMAT ?
    Also currently i am pursuing a degree in Computer Science & Engg. Also if you could guide me it would greatly help in my university selection as well.

    • Posted by Thomas Graf on 06/16/13 11:19pm

      Hi there,

      thank you for your questions. As for the career potential of a MIM in India, I suggest two tactics to find that out:

      • Watch out for schools that have experience with people from India. For example, you can screen the schools' websites for demographic statistics of the MIM students and - once you found schools where many people from India study - contact the career office to find about about their career after the MIM.
      • You can contact your favorite companies in India (the HR departments) and ask them if they have favorite schools where they recruit.

      As for your question on the GRE... there are schools that do not require such a test; there are schools that require the GMAT only; and there are schools that require either the GMAT or the GRE. You can find the requirements out on the schools' websites.

      As for your final question, I recommend that you reflect whether you want to pursue a general management degree (e.g. MIM) so that you have both - engineering knowledge and management knowledge; or whether you want to study somethign more specialized and related to your undergraduates, e.g. a Master in the Management of Technologies. Both is possible and it depends on your prereferences.

      Best wishes

      By Thomas Graf