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Suggestions needed

  • Posted by - RahulK - on 29 September 2013 - 4:32pm

    Hi Thomas,

    I am Rahul from India. First, let me thank you for your website and all the important information in it. It is very helpful and you did a great job putting it up. Before asking any question I just want to give you a brief introduction about my academics and work.

    B.Tech. in Chemical Engineering
    B.Tech. in Environmental Engineering

    Work Experience
    5 Months in an NGO
    8 Months in a FMGC

    Just to let you know, I have done a basic research on colleges, degrees and careers after graduation. I am in process of identifying which university is best for my future endeavors. MIM completely fits in my career plan and I am pretty sure about pursuing MIM from 2104. My dream universities are LBS and then ESCP Europe; My questions are:

    1.) Can you give your comments on my GRE Score, I know my score is very low but can I apply with it? LBS tells you to re-take GRE if they feel everything else is good for an admit.
    1.) How good is my profile for each of these two colleges?
    2.) What are my chances of getting admission in these two colleges provided my low GRE score?
    3.) Can I get scholarship in any of these colleges if I re-appear in GRE?
    4.) What other schools will be best according to my profile? (Just give a few suggestion, I have looked at FT rankings btw)
    5.) Can you suggest some safe college where I have a very good chance for getting scholarship?

    For now I will spare you with these questions only. I have no doubt that your reply would be extremely helpful. Sorry for such an extended mail and many thanks in advance.


    • Posted by - RahulK - on 30 September 2013 - 7:31pm

      Dear Thomas ,

      I can't thank you enough. Your reply have given a boost to my confidence as I was loosing hope because of my low GRE score. I am already in talk with admission team of LBS and ESCP and awaiting their reply for my queries.

      Also, I am constantly digging the information for other schools. According to their website WHU Beisheim and Rotterdam School of Management do not accept GRE and require GMAT specifically, do you think writing them and requesting them to accept GRE score would make any difference? I like those two programs and they do have good options for financial aids. Besides, as you suggested, I am going through details of IE, Imperial and (Esade, Stockholm, LSE) for CEMS.

      Thank you for your valuable suggestions. Will be back with more specific questions soon.


    • Posted by - Thomas Graf - on 30 September 2013 - 6:47pm

      Hi Rahul,

      thank you for your question. I think you should apply at both, LBS and ESCP Europe. Your GRE should be sufficient. LBS requires a GMAT of 600-800 Also the ESCP should require a minimum of 600 (I have sent a message to my contact person and let you know when I have an answer).

      A GRE of 315 most likely will not kick you out, particularly since the rest of your profile looks fine. As far as I see it, you have good academic grades that will increase your chances to become invited for the interviews.

      As for the scholarship question, I recommend screening the financial aid pages of both institutions and contact the schools' financial aid offices directly. Some schools link their merit-based scholarships to the GMAT score. The HHL Leipzig, for instance, requires a GMAT of 650 to become eligible. But LBS and ESCP may handle this differentially - and they may also offer need-based scholarships.

      As for the other schools, you need to identify target schools according to your criteria. In general, you can apply at most of the FT Ranking Schools. I know that HEC Paris requires a higher GMAT - so this you may exclude. But in general, you will have good chances at most of them.

      As for your save college for a scholarship question, I am afraid there is no such school. It really depends the schools' financial aid offers and the specific applications they receive. I suggest that you include 5-10 more schools in your list and check them all for scholarship options. Then you rank them and apply at 5 of them.

      best wishes

      By Thomas Graf