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  • Posted by shubhamlakra on 09/01/13 9:45pm

    It would be really nice if you could suggest me a good college with Master in Management course, considering my profile. I live in Delhi, India. I want to study abroad a very good college with good reputation. I want to work for 1-2 years in a reputed company after completing MIM and then come back to India to help my dad in family business.
    I want to join the course in fall 2014.


    1. Year- 2011-2014
      Qualification- BA Hons BBE (Bachelor's in Business Economics)
      University/School - Sri Guru Gobind Singh College Of Commerce, University of Delhi
      Aggregate - 69.43% (for first 4semesters/2years)

    2.Year- 2011
    Qualification- XII/class 12th, CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Education)
    University/School - Ryan International School, Rohini, Delhi, India
    Aggregate - 92.25%

    1. Year- 2009
      Qualification- X/class 10th , CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Education)
      University/School - Ryan International School, Rohini, Delhi, India
      Aggregate - 89.20%

    2. IELTS given on 17th August, 2013
      Result- Overall : 8.0

      Listening: 9.0
      Reading: 8.5
      Writing: 6.5
      Speaking: 7.0

    I am pursuing an Undergraduate Degree from Sri Guru Gobind Singh College of Commerce in B.B.E (Bachelor of Business Economics, currently IIIrd Year, University of Delhi).
    In the 3rd year, I have opted for specialization in 1.Finance and 2.Project Management & Entrepreneurship.


     Helping my father in plastics business, with regular inputs in strategy formation and interaction with clients.
     Currently working with my father on a contract with a German Company, arranging meetings and conducting regular business.

     Attended the Plast India fair,2012 which is the 8th International Plastics Exhibition and Conference at Pragati Maidan, New Delhi from 1stto 6th, January. Extensive interaction with businessmen across nations. (Businessmen from China, Japan, UK, Taiwan and Germany)


     Basic computer knowledge with MS-Office.
     Operating System : Windows XP, Windows Vista, windows 7,Windows 8, Linux
     Internet working

     Computational Techniques for Business- Use of macros and automation of repeated data work
     Use of SPSS and SAS software packages to implement the econometric techniques
     Working on real problems and preparation of a project report.

    I am proficient in preparing PowerPoint Presentations (PPT), Microsoft word documents and Microsoft Excel Sheets. I am also familiar with Adobe photo workshop operations.


     Always keen to learn work in practical and logical manner.
     Ability to take initiative.
     Ability to learn New Work and take it as challenge.
     Create healthy environment in team.
     Concentrate on achieving work efficiencies

     I won the ‘Best Reporter’ award at the ‘INDIAN MODEL UNITED NATIONS (INMUN)’, which is the most prestigious platform for displaying diplomatic as well as debating skills held by the Ryan Group of Institutions.
     As the leader of my team, I was awarded the ‘First Prize in Literature’ at international platform by ‘NATIONAL AERONAUTICS SPACE ADMINISTRATION (NASA)’, for a competition named Space Settlement Contest.
     I was a part of the four member team selected for the ‘FOURTH NATIONAL AEROSPACE OLYMPIAD’ and my group stood at the 16th place nationally.
     As a minister of human resources in my school council, I have organized some trips for school students through my 2 year tenure.
     In college I have participated in organizing the BBE festival events, also a part of organizing committee.
     Attended Drama workshops and various seminars.
     A member of finance and investment cell in college which keeps me updated with latest business trends and market conditions

    Working at an old age home, making donations and personally assisting them in day-to-day operations, Understanding the problems and needs of the elderly, and how assist them in the best possible way.

    This is my profile. I have already given IELTS and got a overall band score of 8. I plan to give Gmat exam in october,2013. I expect a score of 650 plus. But I want to know what is the best college I can get without giving gmat exam and only on the basis of IELTS score and my university score. Also if I give Gmat and get 650plus, what is the best college I can get.
    Is there a chance of scholarship for me ?

    • Posted by Thomas Graf on 09/02/13 7:03pm

      Hi there,

      thank you for your question. First of all: Finding the "best" Master in Management for you is the one that helps you achieve your career goals and fulfills your preferences.

      As a start (and as a first orientation), you can use Rankings and Accreditations as quality indicators. As for Rankings, you have the Financial Times Master in Management Ranking with 65 programs. I recommend you to screen each of them (their websites) carefully to make yourself a bit more familiar with the topic and to recognize differences. You can also compare how thee schools rank in other management education rankings.

      As for Accreditations, you recommend youto read my article on the AACSB, EQUIS, and AMBA. The idea here is that accreditations provide you with some minimum quality guarantee. An accredited school is not necessarily your best school - but you know, at least, that it has gone through a due diligence.

      Besides rankings and accreditations, a more important question is what YOU want and what a master should provide you with to be your choice. If you are, for example, interested in the logistics industry and no logistics company has ever recruited from your program - maybe this is the wrong choice...

      Hence, I recommend you to reflect more concretely how your job after the MIM should look like. Which countries, which industries, which ideal employers. The more concrete you can do this, the better. As a next step you need to screen (and contact) the schools of your choice to find out which of them provide you the best contacts and career services to enter your target industries.

      As for your cv, you may find it difficult at some of the top schools in the FT Ranking (e.g., HEC, St Gallen etc.) as they may expect a higher GPA. As for the GMAT, 650 would be great.

      Best wishes

      By Thomas Graf

    • Posted by shubhamlakra on 09/05/13 9:48am

      Hello Thomas !

      Thank you so much for the reply. After your reply, I went through the MIM FT rankings. I came to know that B-schools like
      Warwick business school , Grenoble Graduate School of Business, City University:CASS, Rotterdam School of Management, LSE,and LSB are good options according to my profile. Do you agree ?
      What schools would you suggest me to apply to ? It would be nice if you could tell me other options too, as I have not gone through all schools.
      WBS and Grenoble do not require gmat scores, so can I apply to these colleges before I give my gmat ?
      Or would you suggesst to give gmat first and then apply ?
      I am primarily looking for education in UK, Germany or Singapore.(As these countries, I guess have best institutes )
      I have booked my gmat exam date on 23rd october,2013. I hope I wont be late to apply.
      Best Regards
      Shubham Lakra

      • Posted by Thomas Graf on 09/06/13 2:02am

        Hi Shubham,

        thank you for your message. You have a decent selection of schools already - hence, I wouldn't extend this selection at the moment and follow my advice above instead: Analyze these schools and programs deeper in the next weeks regarding the match between their benefits and your goals.

        Moreover, I wouldn't care too much about the general requirements at the moment. Some may invite you, some may not - for instance, if they require a higher GPA (e.g. LSE or RSM).

        I would fully focus on the GMAT, however. A good or very good score (650 or more) would may allow you to show how capable you are and impress admissions officers even at schools that do not require the test. At minimum you should achieve 600. You can still go for a Master in Management with a lower score and - as you said - some schools don't require it. But 600 is often considered as a minimum score, so try to achieve it - and ideally more.

        Yes, if the schools don't require the GMAT you can apply now already and submit the GMAT later. Some schools even require the GMAT but allow to submit the GMAT at a later stage (after the application is sent).

        Finally, let me come back to my starting point: I recommend you clarify your goals and how well the programs match your goals. For instance...

        • How many students in a particular program find a job within 3 months of graduating?
        • Where do they find a job? Are these the firms and industries you want to work for?
        • What are your target industries and firms - and do they come on the campus to recruit?
        • Does the school have experience with students from your nationality? If no one from your nationality ever studied there... well maybe not your school...
        • Which career services do the schools offer?

        Now you have a Road Map for the next weeks. Contact the admissions and career offices, screen the websites, and ask the school to put you in contact with current and ex students so that you can interview them.

        Best wishes

        By Thomas Graf

    • Posted by anshomann on 10/07/13 6:58pm

      Hi Thomas
      Can you help me to know the bschools of US,Canada and Europe to which i can apply.
      For MIM courses or MBA
      My Profile
      12th : 78.2%.
      Work Experience: Did Training in Infosys for 4 months.
      GMAT Score:630.
      The colleges i am looking for are:

      1. HEC Paris.
      2. EADA Spain.
      3. IE business school,Spain.
      4. Whiteman Business School(Syracuse University),USA.
      5. University of British Columbia,Canada.

      • Posted by Thomas Graf on 10/08/13 2:17pm

        Hi there,

        thank you for your question. Spontaneously, I see only a potential problem at the HEC Paris as they emphasize the academic grade (GPA) a lot. Have you checked the entry requirements of your schools already (as published on their websites)?

        best wishes

        By Thomas Graf

        • Posted by anshomann on 10/09/13 9:30am

          Yes i have checked about HEC Paris.
          I would like to know about which of the colleges among

          1. EADA Spain.
          2. IE business school,Spain.
          3. Whiteman Business School(Syracuse University),USA.
          4. University of British Columbia,Canada.
            is better.
            It would be of great help for me .
            Looking forward to your reply.

          • Posted by Thomas Graf on 10/11/13 7:42pm

            Hi there,

            thank you for your question. I am afraid, however, I cannot tell you which program or school is better. It all depends on YOUR preferences.

            Have you read my comment above (the "Hi Shubham" comment)? If not, look at the final part. This summarizes my key philosophy here in this forum. Finding a master in management is not about which program is better. It is about what matches better your career goals. Hence, the approach is: (1) Clarify your goals and (2) Analyze each program in terms of how well it might help your reach your goals.

            Example: if you want to become an entrepreneur maybe a program such as the IE Business School MIM with a venture lap may make more sense than the others. If you want to work in the US, maybe a US MIm may provide you with the better network. If you want work in an investment bank, maybe you should apply at those schools where investment banks recruit. Got the logic?

            As a start, you can analyze the accreditation of each school and their overall ranking position in MIM Rankings an MBA Rankings. The accreditation tells you something about international quality standards. The ranking positions tell you something about the overall reputation and exposure of the respective school in terms of management education.

            best wishes

            by Thomas Graf