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  • Posted by anshuljain3636 on 10/19/13 12:48pm


    I, am Anshul Jain, currently in my final year for Bachelors in Business Economics from University of Delhi.
    I am looking forward to shortlist Schools to apply to for Masters in Management.
    Here are some of my details:

    Senior Secondary (2010)- 83% (C.B.S.E.)
    Graduation (2011-14, still pursuing)- 62%

    GMAT Score - 690

    I have got good credentials on my CV in terms of the extra curricular achievement and other accolades.

    Kindly, suggest me the best options that i must validate for pursuing MiM. I am looking to join in September 2014.


    • Posted by Thomas Graf on 10/21/13 11:11am

      Hi Anshul,

      thank you for your message. For a Masters in Management, you need a first academic degree. Since, you will have that next year, you can start a Master in Management in 2014 as well - and this means, you should prepare your application now. You also have the GMAT already - this widens your options as some schools, in fact, require it (though not all).

      Now two questions arise:
      (1) Where do you want to study? And this question translates into "What's the best Master in Management program FOR YOU?".
      (2) Where can you study? For which programs do you have the resources necessary to be able to study (for example, the necessary grades in your undergraduate studies, the necessary GMAT score, the necessary financial resources etc.).

      You need to answer both questions by yourself but I recommend you starting with the first one by reflecting first on: What do you want or expect from a master and which benefits does a master endow you with such that you become satisfied. This is a very good lead question for the next weeks as it forces you to clarify your goals and to screen the individual MIM profiles (e.g. through my platform) and compare them.

      • I recommend you to read all my comments posted here. They provide you with some more details on the steps necessary for this.

      As for your profile so far, the 690 GMAT score should be fine for all Masters in Management. The 62 percent GPA, however, could be too low for highly selective schools like the HEC Paris or the London Business School. The good news is: There are many MIM programs out there and you should find one that satisfies you. Again: I would still start with your "WANTS" and your goals first and after this follow up with the requirements and whether you fulfill them.

      Best wishes

      By Thomas Graf

    • Posted by anshomann on 12/19/13 5:20pm

      Hello Sir,
      I have given my GMAT and IELTS in november.
      I wanted to know whether i should apply to the colleges mentioned as under

      1. IE business School
      2. LBS,UK
      3. London School of Economics
      4. Grenoble Business school.
        Also i wanted to know the chances of getting placement after completion of the course from any of the above mentioned colleges.
        Waiting for you reply.
        Anshomann Shrivastava

    • Posted by Thomas Graf on 12/19/13 8:06pm

      Hi there,

      thank you for your question. You need a minimum GMAT score of 600 in order to become eligible. Most schools have average scores that are even higher and come close to 700.

      Best wishes

    • Posted by rbeaty on 01/08/14 11:55am

      Dear Anshomann Shrivastava,

      I hope this message finds you well.

      My name is Rebecca Beaty and I work as International Marketing Officer at EMLYON Business School in France...a top European Business School!

      I read your comments recently posted on this section and I believe you might be interested in the European Master in Management programme EMLYON has to offer. (

      The fact that you already have your GMAT and IELTS scores is great as it allows you to start applying very soon.

      Would you be interested in knowing more about this programme?

      Let me know and we can continue chatting :)

      I also wish you a happy new year! May it bring you joy, happiness and professional success!

      Rebecca Beaty