School Selection. Urgent

School selection
  • Posted by aditya.sawhney on 06/05/15 3:07pm

    Dear Thomas/Everyone

    I had applied to SAI SUMMER session and i got selected to AUDENCIA and SKEMA but I am waitlisted on EMLYON, who have told me that my rank is 73 and upto the rank of 40 will be admitted. So the only thing which concerns me is For AUDENCIA I've to pay the fees by 8th-June-2015 and SKEMA by 15th-June-2015. So what realistic chance do i stand with regarding to my Admission in EMLYON and how long do they usually take to open the waitlist because the SAI results were declared on 1st-June-2015.My Main Questions is should i not pay for AUDENCIA but that is only if i have a good chance in securing admission in EMLYON which i think i should be having considering the application first preference being ESCP AND HEC. Please help me on this


    • Posted by Thomas Graf on 06/05/15 5:14pm

      Hi there,

      I see your problem. Please read carefully my answers in this thread. They show you my thoughts on this and provide tactical advice.

      Best wishes

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