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LBS MiM 16

  • Posted by - vamsilbs16 - on 8 May 2014 - 10:56am

    Hello Thomas,

    This is a post regarding LBS MiM admissions for September 2015 intake and class of 2016.

    To introduce myself i am a recently graduated Aerospace engineer and i have plans of moving into move into economics and finance.The aim of LBS MiM is to get an introduction into the financial field which would help me to later pursue master and doctorate degrees in economics. But the problem to all this is my GPA. Due to health problems and family issues in my second year and a part of 3rd year the GPA i could get was 7.5/10. But Lbs wants a minimum of 3.5 which translates to 8.75 on a scale of 10.

    Other than my GPA, my profile is as follows:

    3 International Research Papers

    One project where we had built a Satellite Test Facility for Cube and Nano Sats.

    3 internships (+2 more by the time i apply in october so a total of 5)
    [ 2 internships in engg companies + 1 in a bank where i was to help in structuring a infrastructure fund for airports in India]

    2 years of NGO service (where i was the joint secretary and head of events)
    English Teacher for 1 year( same NGO)

    ORganized of World Space week in college ( UN recog. event )
    Other decent ECs like Debates, MUNs, organized department meetings and programs, and other small volunteering work, and small competitions.

    Strong LORs,

    IELTS- 8

    So i was wondering about the LBS MiM admissions chances to my profile assuming a score of 740 and upwards in GMAT (practice test 720 and 730)?.. Other than LBS my chances for HEC, IE, ESSEC, Imperial and Warwick ( masters in business analytics).

    Please suggest as what i should in the next 6 months to improve my profile and make it strong enough for admissions in the above mentioned colleges,

    • Posted by - Thomas Graf - on 9 May 2014 - 11:01am

      Hi there,

      read my MIM ebook already? It helps you to compare programs and analyze your chances of getting in.

      Best wishes