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Is my profile Good Enough for MiM top B-schools?

  • Posted by - thomas.graf - on 27 July 2020 - 11:05am


    as for your first question: I would choose someone, wh knows you well, for the reference letter. The person, who writes the letter, will be asked upfront how well and how long he/she knows you - otherwise the reference wouldn't make sense either.

    As for your second question, I would say that you have very good chances - even at schools that weigh the grades and the GMAT score a lot. Please have a look into my Survey The MIM - Entry Requirements for the Master in Management to learn more about this.

    If I was you, I would pursue the strategy that I explain and outline in my guidebook Business Masters - How you find the best Master in Management and MBA:

    1. Reflect your own career goals - what do you want to do after the MIM?
    2. Analyze the schools to find the school that provides you with the most benefits to erach your career goals.
    3. Analyze your experience goals.
    4. Select those schools on your short list that provide you with the most benefits for your experience goals.
    5. Check for the financial requirements, scholarships, and your financial resources.
    6. Apply at 3-5 schools.
    7. Visit the campuses of those schools that accept you.
    8. Make a decision.

    Best wishes,
    Thomas Graf

    Founder of the MIM Compass
    Author of the MIM eBooks

  • Posted by - Alexis - on 26 July 2020 - 7:28pm


    I am a French student (20 years old) from a top 10 French B-School (Bachelor in Management ranked 4th in France, second bachelor's degree with the most applications in 2020 in France) and I have been the best students in my first two years with a 4.0/4.0 GPA.

    I have done my exchange semester in the Arizona State University and I had the best marks of my classes (GPA 4.0/4.0). I also integrated a university association named "Change the World". I have created a start-up in 2018 in France and another one this year during my exchange semester. Thanks to my first start-up I have integrated to the best incubator of the South of France for 6 months.

    Unfortunately, I left the first start-up because of troubles with my associate and the second one because we had to stop our activity due to COVID-19. I have done two internships: One as General Manager (team management + marketing + achievements such as improving the total revenue by 10%) in a huge restaurant for 3 months and another one as the CEO's Assistant of a national known company in Albania for 3 months. Furthermore, I have done 6 months of volunteering as a French-Albanian translator in France to help Albanian immigrants. I also have a 1 year volunteering in my B-School. I was an ambassador of the school and had to represent it in forums and high schools. Thanks to my work during this volunteering. I had an exclusive "recommendation" from the Head of Contests and Promotion of the school. I am also the Vice-President of the School student office and I have to manage 50 people and organise events for more than 500 persons.

    For my third year I have been chosen to pursue a Dual Degree in Germany and write a thesis. So I will have 2 Bachelor's degrees. This German Bachelor is ranked among the Third Best Bachelor in International Business Administration in Germany). I will have to write a full thesis during this year.

    Regarding GMAT, I am currently learning through E-Gmat and Target Test Prep. I hope to reach a score between 660-710.
    IELTS 7/9 (C1). I speak French (bilingual), Albanian (B2) and Spanish (B2).

    Letters of recommendation: I have one letter from my Albanian Internship and I am hesitating for my academic one. Is it better to have a letter from a professor or from my School Director (she doesn't really know me but I finished first so I can have a letter from her)?

    I have been the Captain of a local soccer team between 2014 and 2018 and we won 2 leagues. In 2013 our BasketBall team won the Regional Championship and so played as a national level and I was the captain of the team.

    I won my B-School Business Game which is a team game in which you have a business that you have to develop while having the whole school compete. We had the best financial results and I have been elected as the Leader of the winning team.

    I want to apply to those schools and programs:
    -CEMS Bocconi or HEC
    -MiM Bocconi
    -Mim St Gallen
    -Mim HEC
    -Hec-Yale M2M
    -MiM LBS
    -MiM LSE
    -Yale Silver Program
    -EDHEC Triple Degree Program
    -Mim ESCP Europe
    -MiM Essec

    Will apply to R1 to all.
    My preferred choice would be the HEC-Yale M2M, Mim HEC, MiM LBS, CEMS.

    So what do you think about all of this? Do I have any chance? Even with a 660 GMAT Score?
    Thank you for your help!