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Is MiM the best option??

  • Posted by - Ajinkya - on 16 May 2013 - 8:25pm

    Hello Sir,

    Reading the forums along with your main website has given me a lot of knowledge in the field of MIM. I am sure like me many students must have benefited from your work. A sincere thank you for vreating such a wonderful website.

    I have just finished my Bachelors in Engineering in Electronics.
    I am looking forward to doing my post graduation without gaining any work experience so for my profile I think MSc would be best suited.
    I intend to do a MSc in US or in Europe for two years. As of now my plan is to come back after PG and work with my dad in his business. I also have few plans to start my own business along side his.
    So my major concern as of now is in what field I should do my Masters. I read everything you wrote about Masters in Marketing and felt the course was interesting. But if my future plans are to take over my dads business as well start a business of my own will MiM give me any sort of help? Or should I look into other fields like Masters in Finance or Entrepreneurship?
    However this is my future plan as of today. May be after or during my PG I might want to work for a year or two before coming back to gain some experience.
    Referring to one of your replies on a Forum
    A MIM from Europe may limit your career in the US because degrees from Europe in general are less known in the US; together with a less-known degree (MIM) this may not be helpful. Therefore, I suggest doing a MIM in the US or Canada if you want to work there - and not in Europe.
    And also considering the fact that most of the top European MSc schools are in recession hit countries like France, Spain, getting a job after my PG could get tough.
    So looking at these points at present do you suggest doing MSc in US would be a better option?


    • Posted by - ojas03 - on 7 August 2013 - 5:50pm

      HEC Paris MIM with a specialization in Entrepreneurship in the Second year might be a good option for you. That is just my opinion as I'm currently in a similar situation and this is what I plan to do! :D

    • Posted by - Thomas Graf - on 17 May 2013 - 12:29pm

      Hi there,

      thank you for your question. As for your last question regarding Europe and the crisis: In my opinion, it is impossible to say that "in the US" the job prospects are better as compared with "Europe" or something similar. Everywhere are jobs. And the higher your qualification the higher your chances of getting recruited. Moreover, Europe consists of more than 45 states with individuals economies, cultures, VISA rules etc. So my first recommendation is: Get rid of generalizations and dare to go a step further.

      Secondly, I do - personally - recommend to take into account where you want to work later on. In your case, as you are not clear whether you will work for a company or return home to work in your father's business or start your own, the question needs to be re-framed into "where you most likely would like to work later on, provided that you indeed are applying for a job after your graduation".

      • If your goal is North America, do a degree there - or, alternatively try to find a program in Europe with partnerships to North American schools, for example the CEMS program.
      • If you plan to start working in Europe, decide which country or countries and investigate which schools are interesting for you.

      The rationale behind this is that your future company should ideally know your school or even come to campus to recruit future employers. The stronger the regional network of a school the greater your job chances. Of course, there are some schools with a worldwide reputation (Ivy league schools for instance). But in most cases, the schools have only a regional or continent-wide reputation.

      Thirdly, I would recommend you to re-consider if you really need a Master NOW. If you have a good reason for yourself, fine - then just go for it. But keep in mind that you can do a Master at any point in your life. So, if you like to work for your father's business for some years, then why not doing it now? If you want to build your own business - while maybe simultanously working for your father's business - why not doing it now? You can still go for an MBA or specialized Master in the future whenever you feel the need for it THEN.

      If you, however, feel the need for a Master now - e.g., because you need more knowledge - then you are free to choose the Master of your interest. Consider carefully, what knowledge you need for your plans and your interests.

      • A Master in Management provides with general management knowledge. You will not become a marketing expert but you will get an overview on management disciplines and management thinking. Maybe you will be missing some marketing depth here.
      • With a Master in Marketing you will get deeper into marketing but maybe some of the knowledge will be too specific and you may not use it later on. It's a question of interest.
      • A Master in Entrepreneurship, furthermore, could be helpful if the schools have a business angels network or venture lab. This may make it more likely that you develop your business plan during your studies and already have aplan how to fiance it at the end of your graduation.
      • Maybe a compromise would be your solution? For example, a Master in Management with electives or even a concentration in marketing or entrepreneurship? For instance, the IE MIM has a business plan and venture lab included as far as I know. But there may be more schools - just check the structures of the program and the curricula.

      These are just some inspirations. At the moment, I think you need to think over it a bit more - what you want and what could be your next step - and then pick some schools and check their profiles.

      Best wishes

      By Thomas Graf