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  • Posted by melissa7233 on 05/08/12 8:51am

    Hi, My question it's about this 2 institutions

    I'm considering this two choices, but Know I'm reading some questionable things about HULT.

    I applied to Master International Management in IE, and Master iNternational Business in HULT, as the educational program are pretty much the same.

    But what I;m worry about, That when I finally decided for Hult and actually paid my reservation place, because 4 things:
    -Global Rotation
    -Good rankings and growing faster
    -Revalidation of credits on the MBA program, so in the future I have a MBA degree

    • the Opportunity of getting job in USA (I would be on San FRANCISCO Campus)

    But now I'm reading that they statistics of people with jobs after graduating are not true, and how bad it's their career services department (which I consider quite important to job affairs and help on the job seeking). Also how questionable are their professors and their credibility as an institution.And how ex-alumni regreted to be there.

    I got admitted both, Ie and Hult, And I admittted that IE was more difficult get in, because involved tests, 3 essays, interviews, etc.

    It is not of my interest to be on a questioable Intitution, but How can I get a chance to prove them wrong, because until now IT'S only personal opinions?

    And the other bad thing about IE, who they credibility it's not in question AT ALL, bue the situation in SPain, it's quite drastic, 25% unemployed rates and their citizens are not happy at all, and they are protesting. And if I want to get a job after graduating, obviously in Europe it's impossible and apply to other jobs to America(the continent) are not very easy because of the distance.


    • Posted by Thomas Graf on 05/08/12 9:33am

      Hi Melissa,

      thank you for your message. I understand your situation. Here are some suggestions how to move on:

      1. Employers' feedback
      One important source often times overlooked are employers. Do you know roughly in which industry and countries you want to work directly after your Master graduation? Maybe you already have some firms in your mind that could be your potential future employers? Well, if so, why don't you contact these companies or their competitors and ask them about the schools?

      For instance, you could call them and ask to become connected with their HR department. Then you could say that you are interested in their company and that you think about applying after your Master in Management or Business. Then you could mention you are a bit uncertain about the value of these Masters in that company and if they could let you know:

      • whether they know the two schools (Hult and IE)
      • whether they accept applications from these two schols
      • whether they like or dislike the schools and why
      • whether they come to campus
      • if they have any experience with the Hult Master in International Business or the IE Master in International Management.

      Of course it can be that not every company will reveal information or answer every question. These are just some guiding questions for you so that you know the direction of this conversation. But maybe you receive SOME feedback that helps you better decide about the value of each Master for YOUR career goals (reflected in a job entry in these firms).

      2. Increase the number of alumni that you speak with
      Another approach could be to increase the number of alumni from both institutions that you talk with. In our School Contacts section for instance you can contact Katja Gomer from Hult or Nita Swinsick from IE, say that you are interested in their programs and ask whether it would be possible to talk to two or three alumni from each institution.

      • Try to get contacts to people with your nationality.
      • Try to get people who work in countries or industries that you are intersted in.

      3. Visit the campuses

      I always recommend to visit the campuses of the two or three schools that people have finally on their mind. I am ware of course that this is an investment ((travel costs etc.). But given that you likely pay a lot of money for tuition fees, living expenses, and opportunity costs my personal opinion is: It's worth to do it and eventually pays off. Why? Because you get a deeper and more intuitive sense whether you want to spend a full year of your life on that place. You can talk to students, professors, career service people and people from the admissions department - and all of these conversations will provide you with information about the quality of that place. This information will likely complement the other information that you collected already.

      I hope I could be helpful. Keep my up to date about your decision if you like.

      Best wishes

    • Posted by melissa7233 on 05/08/12 10:07am

      Thanks for the advice !!

      To call the companies it's a great idea !!

      But still, In my opinion if your willing to make that type of investment in yourself, IT has to be the best!

      And in comparision, IE Has better reputation vs Hult who stills it's making his way to the top!

      I also heard that IE program it's more demanding, which I want a program who basically get the best knowledge ever, doesnt matter if I only study all the time !! And it was harder to get admitted at IE than HULT, and I heard that basically everyboody gets admitted at HULT.

      But, Hult has the option of revalidation of credits to later on complete an MBA, they revalidat 40 credits of 60 credits that the MBa has!!!!

      So, who weighs more at the balance ! Reputation and better program vs Revalidation of mba credits BUt questionable credibility by "some people"

      • Posted by Thomas Graf on 05/08/12 11:57am

        Hi Melissa,

        please let me say first that I don't want to influence you in any direction. Whether you decide for Hult or IE is your decision. I also don't know if what you said about Hult is true or not - so I don't want to comment on that.

        But in general:
        If REPUTATION is important for you (not everyone needs that by the way; some people do a Master only for networking or for learning) and if a school does not have reputation in your opinion - what value do MBA credits from that school have then?

        In other words, if reputation matters I would always go for the school with higher reputation with or without credits for an MBA. The credits for an MBA will provide you with no value if that MBA does not have reputation.

        Best wishes

    • Posted by melissa7233 on 05/08/12 11:04pm

      Thanks a lot !! Ireally appreciate your advice !!

      I'll let you know my decision, when I make it !! ja

    • Posted by dana22 on 02/03/15 7:51pm

      Hi melissa!!!
      i have the same exact problem... what did you decided? and why? i really don't know if IE it's better than HULT, i think IE has a better reputation but HULT i think it's more innovative?

      • Posted by Thomas Graf on 02/03/15 11:07pm

        Hi there,

        why don't you read my MIM eBook and learn how you analyze and compare these two schools in a structured way...

        Best wishes

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