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  • Posted by taras on 07/15/13 3:51pm

    Hello Thomas,
    How good is the masters in management program of EBS business school Germany?Which are the better colleges in Germany for the masters in management studies for non-business background graduates?How good is EBS considered in the job market?Hows the job scope for MIM graduates in Germany and other parts of Europe.Please help with some useful informations.
    Clarifications would be appreciated,

    • Posted by Thomas Graf on 07/15/13 7:29pm

      Hi Sarat,

      thank you for your question. The EBS Business School is an established private school in Germany. Currently they are facing pressures, first, due to their ex president who is accused of betrayal, and second, due to the political opposition in the Federal State of Hesse who questions whether it was legitimate from the Federal government to support the EBS University in building up a law faculty. Nevertheless, the EBS is an established business school with a long tradition.

      I recommend you, however, trying to get a closer picture of the EBS Master in Management and its career potential by screening the website for information on employers and career statistics and by contacting the school's career office.

      • Which employers recruit MIM graduates?
      • Are these the firms you want to work for?
      • How many percent of the MIM graduates found a job within 3 months of graduation?
      • How much experience do they have with students of your nationality?

      These are the questions that will help you further. Also, ask the school to bring you in contact with a MIM alum that you can contact.
      By the way: The EBS MIM is a consecutive master - this means you need to have an academic degree in business or economics to become accepted. If you want to seach for Masters in Management in Germany that do not require a first degree in business or economics, please use our search engine and the filters "Program type", "Country", and "Entry requirements".

      Best wishes

      by Thomas Graf

    • Posted by abhi1989 on 07/25/13 7:41pm

      Hi Thomas
      I have got into EBS for Masters in Automotive Managament.

      I believe as Germany is Auto hub. I should not face problems in getting jobs post degree
      Still, going for a regular MIM, Is it a better option?

      • Posted by taras on 07/25/13 9:12pm

        Hai Abhi,
        First of all congrats for getting enrolled in EBS.Can you let me know a little bit about your profile?Whats your gpa? How much is your GMAT score? Do you have any work experience? Also from which background are you coming from?

      • Posted by Thomas Graf on 07/26/13 12:09pm

        Hi Abhi,

        congrats for the acceptance at EBS. If you want to work for the automobile industry, a specialized Master in Automotive Management can indeed be helpful and may endow you with advantages over a general Master in Management.

        I recommend asking the EBS directly about their experience here. Where do their Master in Automotive Management students work afterwards? And where do their MIM graduates work afterwards? My intuition is that the automobile industry is a potential target industry for both sorts of graduates - but that the former find it easier due to their closer-to-the-industry education.

        Best wishes

        By Thomas Graf

    • Posted by taras on 08/07/13 11:31pm

      Hai Thomas,
      I would like to know a little bit about the newly induced MIM program of ESMT which kick starts in september next year.Will it be a good idea to invest in this new program given that they do have good co-operations with some biggies in the corporate world.Hows the reputation of ESMT in the german market?How would you rank it compared to Mannheim,WHU or HHL?How good are the placements there with the MBA graduates?Please give a brief idea about the university's sucess rate with placing their graduates untill now??
      Best Regards,

      • Posted by Thomas Graf on 08/09/13 3:58pm

        Hi Sarat,

        the best way to find out the placement rates is by contacting the schools directly. In our School Contacts section you find the REQUEST INFO button to all these schools, with the exception of Mannheim. You can ask, for example, how many MBA or MIM graduates find a job within 3 months of graduation.

        The WHU, Mannheim, and HHL are older and more established. The ESMT is younger but caught up very quickly in the last years. The former three have MBA and Master in Management programs for some years already and successfully placed themelves in some internationally recognized rankings. The ESMT started with MBA and Executive Education programs - now it follows up with a very interesting MIM program and by this targets also graduates without work experience, something that makes a lot fo sense in my opinion and naturally amends its education portfolio.

        On a very broad level, I am confident that the reputation of all these schools is high in Germany. It may make sense for you, however, to have a closer look at the specific company contacts that these schools have. For instance, you can ask the schools which companies come to campus to recruit (if you don't find it on the websites).

        I recommend you to get into contact with all of them and postpone your final decision to a later stage, after you have

        • found out more about their company networks to your target industries
        • experienced theri personal contact (how well, competent and friendly the schools' representatives treat you for instance)
        • have compared more in depth the curriculums (e.g., internship included yes or no? specialization opportunities yes or no? etc.)
        • asked them to bring you in contact with students or alumni (this is not possible for the MIM of the ESMT, however, but maybe you can talk to MBA full-time students)

        Best wishes

        By Thomas Graf

    • Posted by Nishant on 11/17/13 1:18pm

      I have a doubt sir i wanted to do my masters in management in mannheim.. Will they take engineering graduates? I am doing my computer science Engineering final year... Many german schools don't prefer engineering background.. Why is that???)

      • Posted by Thomas Graf on 11/17/13 3:22pm

        Hi there,

        in Germany, postgraduate programs are categorized into:

        (1) consecutive programs: these masters "build" on undergraduate degrees and do not require work experience. For instance, a Master in Management requires ("builds" ) on a Bachelor in a business area or economics or something related.

        (2) "further-qualification" programs: thee masters do not "build" on an undergraduate degree, but they require work experience (about 1 year). A Master in Management, hence, could be studied with a bachelor degree in any area - but only if the students have some work experience.

        Schools need to decide what they offer: a Master in Management according to option 1 or according to option 2. Since many schools prefer option 1 (=without work experience), they require a first degree in business.

        The Mannheim MIM, indeed, is for graduates with a first degree in business administration.

        I recommend you to use the Filter "Entry requirements: First degree in business NOT required" to search for programs that match your profile.

        best wishes

        By Thomas Graf

    • Posted by Nishant on 11/19/13 6:39am

      hi taras did you get through any of the german schools ???

      • Posted by sandeeps on 11/08/15 3:37am

        How will you compare the two year MiM program at ESMT with one year MSc in HRM program at LSE, given that job market is not conducive for foreign graduate students in UK.I am mostly interested to hear about ROI and jobs.I have contacted alumni from LSE and they say getting job in UK ca be tough.

        • Posted by Thomas Graf on 11/08/15 10:07am

          Hi there,

          well, there are several dimensions along which you can compare these two programs.

          • different content (general vs. HR)
          • different lengths and structures (learning effects, practical periods and costs)
          • different networks to companies
          • different students (check the demographics)
          • different institutions with different career services
          • different geographic, political, and economic environments etc.
          • different career perspectives

          Have a look into my MIM eBook - the ANALYZE - chapter to see what you can do to get more info. I like your approach to ask the alumni, by the way.

          Best wishes

          By Thomas Graf
          Director MIM Compass
          Author of the MIM eBook

    • Posted by sandeeps on 11/08/15 12:27pm

      Hi Thomas,

      Many thanks for your detailed reply.You answers have always been helpful in deciding.I think although LSE will cost a but more but with the brand name atleast I can bag good job back in India, whereas ESMT although is reputed globally is not that much well known in India and may put future problems in my search for a job,if not in Germany.

      • Posted by Nishant on 11/08/15 12:40pm

        Hi Sandeep which one have you selected ? Can you please mail me ? Would like to talk to you !