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Global 3 vs ESSEC MiM

  • Posted by - thomas.graf - on 25 April 2022 - 11:53am


    thank you for your question. And congratulations for the two acceptance letters. You seem to have two great opportunities now and - whatever you decide – it will be a great experience.

    There are several ways to find the right decision here – “right” defined by “best decision for you” – and in my ebook Business Masters: How you find the best Master in Management or MBA I suggest three “decision-makers” CAREER GOALS, EXPERIENCE GOALS, and RESOURCES:

    1 – CAREER GOALS: Which program helps you to reach your career goals most? For example, if your career goal is working in the US you should do a Master in the US in my opinion. Reason 1 US-employers don’t know European Business Schools. Reason 2: The network.

    2 – EXPERIENCE GOALS: Which program helps you to reach your experience goals most? For example, if you would like to experience China, then choose a program there (or with a study period there).

    3 – RESOURCES: If you cannot afford the costs for one program or if you can afford but don’t want to afford the costs of one program (for example, if you feel uncomfortable paying so much), then FIGHT for this program (if it is worth it) by asking for scholarships; If this doesn’t work, choose the program with costs you feel more comfortable with.

    You find many more tips for MIM decision making in my ebook but as a first step, I recommend going through these three dimensions separately.

    As a second step, you have to take them into account altogether and weigh them against each other. For example, if the difference between the programs on the CAREER OPTION dimension is not so much but on the EXPERIENCE DIMENSION it is huge, then apply the EXPEREINCE dimension as the decision-maker.

    Finally, I recommend talking to current students – ideally with the same nationality as you have – and eventually visiting the (home) campus and listen to your gut feeling (“Is this the place where I want to study?”).

    Good luck for your decision and studies – and let us know how you finally decided.

    Best regards,

    Thomas Graf
    Author of the MIM ebook

  • Posted by - Fjona Çoka - on 23 April 2022 - 11:35am

    After applying to three different master programs, 2 of them have already sent their positive results to me.
    But now I am very indecisive on which one I should select. 
    I have gotten accepted to Global 3 Strategic Management - one year program in 3 different continents (US - University of Virginia; China - Lingnan University; Spain-ESADE) and ESSEC Mim - 2-year program, with one year in Singapore and the other year in France or somewhere else perhaps.
    I like the Global 3 Program because it is very international, only 49 students get accepted and I would get to live and experience 3 different business cultures., (i still dont know if China sem will be online or offline tho). I would get a double degree (EU and US one) and a certificate from China. However, this year will be very intense and they do not provide internship opportunities to students during the program.
    ESSEC Mim is very flexible and I would build my own curriculum basically. I have also heard good things abt internship opportunities - so i’d guess they have a good career service? Moreover, I would have the chance to do an internships in Singapore if everything goes well. Also they are very practical with a learning by doing approach so I would get a lot of experience.
    However, I am scared that if i choose ESSEC I will close the US door…
    Also ESSEC would be more expensive than Global 3 Program.