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  • Posted by ryaliteja09 on 11/25/16 4:31am


    I got admitted into the ESCP Europe MiM for 2017 intake. However, there are a few queries about the school and I do not know any current student of alumni to guide me through this. So, it'd be really helpful to if you could walk me through the the experience at school, student life and the post-MiM opportunities.

    1. I got an official mail with the offer letter asking me to pay the deposit, however, no information regarding the payment and the bank accounts has been provided. Where do I find such information?
    2. I have read on forums that ESCP, though has a good recognition in the EU, is not popular among the American firms. Is that true, and if yes, what is the impact it has on getting a job in the US?
    3. Also please provide any additional information which can help the prospective students.

    Thank you!

    • Posted by Thomas Graf on 11/25/16 11:17am

      Hi there,

      as for your first question, why don't you ask the school...? I mean, isn't that the most simple solution? If you receive a contract from an employer and have questions about passages in the contract or something related to it, you would ask the employer too. So, just contact the ESCP via email or just call them. By this, you also get a sense of how well the school treats you.

      I would also strongly recommend you to ask the ESCP to bring you directly in contact with ESCP students and ESCP alumni. Thuis is a great source of information and I would never start to study at a school or even pay tuition fees if that school was not willing to establish such a contact.

      Finally, please read my eBook "Business Masters", particularly the pasages on how you find out about the recognition and career potential that a specific school brings you.

      Best wishes,

      By Thomas Graf

    • Posted by Meader on 12/15/16 2:25pm

      Yeah, I would just email the yoga burn makers school.