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  • Posted by aishanimishra on 12/18/12 6:08pm

    I had written my toefl years back and got 119.It's not valid anymore,so I had to write again.I got 104.
    It's not what I expected,lol.
    But really I'd like to know if colleges really care about the toefl marks?I've always thought it's more of a formality and gre or gmat scores are more important.

    Also,some colleges in the UK that don't expect a gmat score like University of Bath or Warwick will they see 104 as a weak score for admissions?

    I really don't want to write toefl again unless I completely have to.So please tell me what I should do..=)

    • Posted by Thomas Graf on 12/19/12 1:08am

      Hi there,

      my personal experience is indeed that the TOEFL is just a formaility and the important tests are GMAT or GRE. Being just a formality, however, doesn't mean that it is unimportant. It just means that you should achieve a "resonable" score and that's it.

      The question is: What is a "reasonable" score. Again, from my experience everything above 100 is fine. So, personally I wouldn't worry about it. With 104 you belong to the best 13 percent woldwide and that's fine.

      So, I wouldn't do it again.


    • Posted by aishanimishra on 12/19/12 12:19pm

      thank you.=)

    • Posted by Abhijeet on 10/14/13 8:40pm

      Hey Thomas,
      Even I received 104 on TOEFL iBT - I was going to apply to London Business School's MiM program. Now, do I need to give the TOEFL again. On the site, the minimum requirement is 110. What should I do now?

    • Posted by Abhijeet on 10/15/13 7:20pm

      Thank you,
      I read on the London Business School's website that if we had been pursuing our undergraduate degree completely in English then we might not require presenting any english test scores. I have been studying in English throughout my life. So, I won't need to retake TOEFL right? I am from India.

      • Posted by Thomas Graf on 10/17/13 1:38pm

        Well, if that's the case... then maybe you won't need to do the TOEFL :)
        But why don't you ask the LBS directly if you have any doubts?

        All the best

    • Posted by Abhijeet on 10/18/13 9:13am

      ok...thanks again...:)