GMAT really necessary?

GMAT, TOEFL, and other tests
  • Posted by Marc23 on 07/19/10 10:09pm

    Do I need GMAT for all schools? Does someone have experiences?

    • Posted by Chrissie on 07/19/10 10:12pm

      I don't think so, there are plenty schools which do not require it.

    • Posted by selma76 on 08/03/10 11:41pm

      I don't know - all schools that I check require the GMAT + the Toefl or something similar. So I guess there is not much differenced compared with MBAs. I heared that it's difficult but it seems that's the pill we've got to swallow....

    • Posted by j-berry on 05/23/13 4:49pm

      Hey! My question here is; Do I need to be scared of taking this GMAT exam in a month's time? This is actually the first time am knowing much about it, though I have registered for tutorial classes for up to a month and after the class I will sit for the exam, I need to be enlightened more. I also just downloaded some questions and answers on my phone from this manhattan book, but please I need to know what's up really, the school am applying for needs a score above 400

      • Posted by Thomas Graf on 05/24/13 7:27pm

        Hi there,

        thank you for your question. First if all, I recommend you to check if your favorite schools really require the GMAT. About 50 percent of the schools don't require it for the Master in Management.

        Second, if you do the GMAT try to prepare a minimum of 3 months. Take it seriously and find out where your weaknesses are (e.g. language part, quantitative part) - and focus on that. Try to achieve a minimum score of 600. Top scores start at 650. Keep in mind that a top GMAT score can help you get a scholarship (some schools make a scholarship contingent on such a score).

        Best wishes

  • Posted by Rucha on 08/09/18 7:56am

    Do I need a GRE or GMAT score for applications? Is it okay if I have a GRE score?

  • Posted by thomas.graf on 08/10/18 11:37am

    Hi there,

    please have a look at my MIM Entry Requirements survey - here you find detailed information on schools and heir Masters in Management and whether they require the GRE or GMAT or none of them. You also find information on average scores at these schools and minimum scores required.

    Best regards,

    By Thomas Graf
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