GMAT 590 Q:47 V:23. Pls suggest b-schools

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  • Posted by shikhar on 09/19/13 12:17pm

    I gave my GMAT on 16th Sept 2013. Here is the break up
    Overall: 590
    Q: 47
    V: 23
    IR and AWA - Yet to receive
    I have a first class engineering degree in Computer Science from India.
    Currently i have 3 years of experience in IT industry. I wish to pursue MBA.
    Please suggest some b-schools within my GMAT range.
    Also what is the difference between MIM and MBA?


    • Posted by Thomas Graf on 09/19/13 2:45pm

      Hi Shikhar,

      thank you for your question. You are clearly an MBA candidate. For the difference between MBA and MIM, please read my article Difference Master in Management and MBA.

      As for your other question, I cannot suggest you "some" schools. There are thousands of MBA programs worldwide and many would not see a problem with your GMAT score. Those MBA programs with an internationally recognized accreditation and a ranking position in the internationally recognized MBA rankings, however, prefer a minimum GMAT score of 600.

      I suggest you a different approach: First, re-do the GMAT and try to approach 600 at minimum. If you don't manage to achieve a higher GMAT score, you can still try to apply and hope that the other parts of your cv convince the schools. Or you can choose a program that allows for doing an on-campus test instead of the GMAT - this test usually is easier.

      Second, try to develop a clearer profile of how the MBA program should look like so that you become satisfied with it. For instance, if you want to work in the US, ignore programs somewhere else. If you want to work for an investment bank, watch out for programs that publish recruiters information and where investment banks recruit. Third, once you have developed your search profile and identified a election of program, you can apply.

      Best wishes

      By Thomas Graf

    • Posted by shikhar on 09/19/13 7:40pm

      Hi Thomas,
      Thanks for the reply. I really don't have time to write GMAT again. And even if i write it again i don't think i will be able to improve my score.
      I have narrowed down some b-schools.

      • Howard university
      • Thunderbird
      • Whitman
      • UIC Liautaud
      • Linder (Cincinnati)
      • Bauer College of Business

      How are these schools and what are my chances in getting into them.


      • Posted by Thomas Graf on 09/19/13 8:56pm

        Hi Shikhar,

        thank you for your question. Have you analyzed these schools already? As for your chances to become accepted, for example, you can read the admissions and eligibility criteria. Let me know how you think about them.

        As for your question "How are these schools" - again, this depends on what you mean. Do you mean how internationally renowned they are? Do you mean if they have connections to employers in a specific industry? Do you mean how fast their graduates find a job?

        As for the quality, I recommend applying the suggestions that I gave you above. For example, you can check these schools about accreditations and rankings. Then you can move on with creating an MBA target profile according to your preferences and screen the schools' websites as to how close they come to your target profile.

        If your target profile, for instance, is an MBA program that helps you find a job in the IT industry - then you should choose a school where IT companies recruit and where MBA graduates find a job in the IT industry. How can you find this out? First, you can screen the websites for career statistics. Second, you can contact the program managers and career office and asking them.

        Finally, if you want a more general sense of "how the schools are" I recommend you talking to students and alumni. Ask the admissions offices to bring you in contact with them (after politely expressing your interest in the school).

        By the way, the GMAT can be done already 30 days after your previous GMAT. Often times, people achieve higher scores when they do the test again, simply because they know the situation better.

        Best wishes

        By Thomas Graf