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Cass business school GMAT

  • Posted by - shashank - on 26 March 2015 - 6:17pm


    I gave my Gmat and i received a score of 530.

    I want to pursue my masters in management from Cass business school, London.
    It says that GMAT is not compulsory but can be asked as a condition in the offer

    any idea how much is the Avg gmat score required.

    I have a 3/4 GPA and ielts score of 8 with one year work experience.

    Would i need to take my gmat again?

    Thank you,

    • Posted by - Thomas Graf - on 27 March 2015 - 11:02am

      Hi there,

      I recommend you to contact the school and ask them to bring you in contact with a current student. You can ask this student about his or her experiences with the admissions process. At the same time you can ask the school whether a GMAT of 530 is sufficient or whether they recommend you re-doing it (I would re-do it trying to score 600).

      Best wishes

      By Thomas Graf
      Owner MIM Compass
      Author of the MIM eBook