2nd attempt for the GMAT??:S

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  • Posted by Gaurangi Sharma on 09/25/13 10:05am

    Hey Thomas,
    Hope you are doing good.
    I recently gave my GMAT and had a miserable score of 540. I really badly want to go to the Melbourne Business School for an MIM Human Resource, and their average GMAT requirement is of 635.
    I am planning to re appear for the GMAT.
    I want to ask how important is the GMAT score? Because i have a fairly acceptable profile:
    10th - 88%
    12th - 93.5%
    B.com aggregate - 73%.
    Decent participation in co-curricular activities and an association of 2 years with an NGO .

    Is it a good decision to give the GMAT again? And lastly, is the Melbourne Business School a good choice for the course?

    • Posted by Thomas Graf on 09/25/13 12:34pm

      Hi there,

      thank you for your question. The Melbourne Business School's average GMAT score is 635 and their minimum requirement is 600. Alternatively, you need a GRE score of 312. Hence, a GMAT score with 540 is not sufficient.

      I recommend you doing the GMAT again, especially if you had higher scores in the preparatory GMAT tests. Of course, you have no guarantee that your second score will be higher - but from my experience, the chances are good, for the following reasons:

      (1) You can practice more.
      (2) You know the test situation - being more familiar with it may make it easier to concentrate on the test.

      I had 590 in my first GMAT and 660 in my second. As a non-native speaker, I could particularly improve my quantitative score.

      Best wishes

      by Thomas Graf