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  • Posted by amy266 on 01/19/14 6:42am

    Hi Thomas

    Happy new year to you! :)

    Thomas,I was thinking of applying to Skema through the SAI application portal which includes the following 5 schools.

    AUDENCIA Nantes
    EMLYON Business School
    ESCP Europe
    HEC Paris
    SKEMA Business School

    Any idea of what the average/median GMAT score at Skema is and the reputation of the school.
    Would it be a good idea to apply with a gmat score of 540?
    My GPA being 7.83/10.

    • Posted by Thomas Graf on 01/20/14 12:20pm

      Hi there,

      thank you for your question.

      In general, you should have a minimum GMAT score of 600 to become eligible for most good schools. Still, you may find schools that accept lower scores.As for the SKEMA,I would just ask them about their average GMAT score. Don't ask for the minimum score (they won't tell you this not to limit themselves) but for the average score. Average means you can have a lower score and still be accepted.

      As for the reputation, have you informed yourself already a bit about the school? What about its international accreditation? What about its ranking position in the MIM Ranking? What about its position in other management-related rankings?

      As a start, I recommend you informing yourself a bit here.

      You can also check which employers come to campus to recruit; and you can check where the students find a job. Screen the websites for career statistics and finally contact the school and just ask.

      I give you another keyword: Check out what a 'Grande Ecole' is... the SKEMA is such an institution and this affects also its reputation.

      Finally, I recommend you to read EVERY single Master in Management webpage on the SKEMA website. Have you seen this one 'Company and school' for instance? Gives you a sense of their approach and philosophy.

      I hope I could give you some tools to find answers for your questions.

      Best wishes

      By Thomas Graf