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  • Posted by jainkriti16 on 10/19/12 6:12am


    I am Kriti Jain and I have graduated in 2012 with a technical background.I am planning to apply for masters in management program for sep 2013 as i dont have any work-ex.Now I am really finding a diificulty in finalizing the colleges.I have certain criteria on which a university shud be based
    a.Affordable expenses
    b.Return on investment
    c.Preferably in canada,europe and germany

    I will be taking gmat in dec ,2012 and i have a very good academic profile as well as 2 major internships.
    the universities which i have shortlisted are:
    a.HEC Paris
    b.ESCP europe
    C.Queen's business school

    Additionally, i couldnt see queen's businness school in any of the rankings but i suppose in canada,its a renowned school.So please share ur comments on that

    SO please help me out with all these questions.


    • Posted by Thomas Graf on 10/19/12 12:50pm

      Hi there,

      you have alreday done a good job: You have defined your criteria and you have a selection of nice schools already. Now your next step is finding out which of these schools helps you achieve your goals the most.

      For this you need to define your career goals. For instance

      • Where do you want to study after graduating? 90% of the MIM graduates start to work in the country where the campus is (Source: Global MIM Study 2012).
      • In which industry areas or business function do you want to study?
      • Do you have some favorite firms already where you would like to work?

      Once you have done that, you need to screen the programs with respect to your goals:

      • by screening the schools' websites
      • by contacting the program admissions people and the career service

      In other words: You need to find out

      • where (country) the graduates of these programs work after graduating?
      • in which industries
      • at which companies

      For example: If your career goal is setting up your own business you may want to have a MIM program that fosters entrepreneurs and has a network of venture capitalists. T

      Also, check out to what extent the respective school and program has experience with students from your country. If they have successfully placed students from your country in companies the past, then this is a good sign.

      Final advise: Contact your embassy in the respective country and check for visa and eymployment opportunities.

      Best wishes