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MIM/MIB or MBA in german speaking country

  • Posted by - elian - on 16 August 2012 - 11:11pm

    As I was searching the net trying to find more about my thoughts of going for a MIB/MIM or MBA, I felt upon your site which I must acknowledge it was worthwhile exploring it.

    So having said that, I shall go forward with my profile:

    • Undergraduate studies in tourism business administration: Higher education public institute in Greece with GPA 6,37.
    • Work experience/internship: 5 years in total/2 years in mid-level management position
    • Extracurricular activities: attended in business seminars in my home country and also trainings seminars in my current company I work for(Robinson Club hotel-branch from TUI AG ).
    • speak 3 languages: Greek, English and German. I am planning to give the ielts in September/Oktober but I am very confident a will get an above average grade.
      -no GMAT or GRE nor I intend to because of the time required.

    According to my qualifications which business schools or unis do you suggest I’d focus on and apply? From my research I‘ve seen that I don’t match the credentials to get into top B-schools or not(like WHU,Manheim,HHL,GISMA etc.)?Tuition fees are not insignificant matter, however I could perhaps get a sponsorship from my firma or otherwise I ‘ll look for other ways to cover the total costs. I ‘d prefer to study in Germany or a German speaking country so that I could develop my language skills and also to explore the working chances there. My goal is to increase my business knowledge and network so that I could move into upper management positions in hospitality industry or/and why not in another industry.

    Looking forward for your response.

    With best regards,

    • Posted by - elian - on 18 August 2012 - 10:05pm

      Thomas thank you for your clarification about GMAT. I am getting familiar with the idea of taking the GMAT test as soon as possible as you are suggesting.I 've ordered some books like McGraw-Hills Conquering the GMAT so that i could prepare myself mostly with night reading.Perhaps i could apply and then fill the future results to my application later,i will ask if that is possible.Thank you again for your guidance so far,you 've been very helpful so far.When i have something more concrete i will write again for further advice.

      With best regards,

    • Posted by - elian - on 17 August 2012 - 7:13pm

      First of all thank you for your quick response to my enquiry. As far as your questions:

      1. Something in the middle. I’d go for a general management education rather than a specialized one mostly because I want to strengthen my general knowledge of business awareness and practice orientation not only in my current working industry.
      2. As you suggest I should go for an MBA(general or hospitality/tourism oriented). It’s on my mind but as I ‘ve said before I ‘ve got no GMAT. The difficult part is the time I must dedicate to prepare myself for the test and that is really hard to find right now. No pain no game as the Americans say.
        3.The reputation of the school plays a significant role. The easiest way is to go for an MBA in one ’’Hochschule’’ in Germany(like in Berlin,Bremen,Furtwagen-the better ones like Pforzheim and Reutlingen want GMAT) but I am not sure that it’s worth the effort and time spending.
        The fact is that I feel it’s the right moment for me to explore the possibilities to improve and simultaneously secure my future chances. So as many more help and advice I can get from experienced persons like yourself and others so much better view I could have to shape my forthcoming decisions.

      With appreciation of your time given, I look forward of your reply,

      • Posted by - Thomas Graf - on 18 August 2012 - 2:03am

        Hi there again,

        you can get business knowledge from any MBA in Germany - that's not the problem.

        The problem comes into play when you want "reputation". I am not exactly sure if I understand what you mean by it. But if you mean a school's "international recognition" and reputation among globally acting companies then you will hardly find a school that does not require the GMAT.

        Some schools may offer both the GMAT and alternatively a test on campus which may be easier. Other schools may be more flexible regarding the time until when the GMAT needs to be done. For example, you may not provide the GMAT before the program starts. This would give you more time to prepare. I even heard of students who were accepted and did the GMAT during the MBA.

        This is something that you need to find out by yourself by asking the respective school's representatives. It will never be officially published on the school's website.

        My recommendation in your peculiar case therefore is: Make a list of 10 German schools that are interesting for you and contact them one by one by phone or email. Ask them if the GMAT is necessary, that you have time problems right now, and if there is any time flexibility regarding the date until when you need to have completed the GMAT. Also, ask them about alternatives for the GMAT.

        I am sorry not being able to help you out here more - but I think there is no way around contacting the schools one by one.

        Best wishes

    • Posted by - Thomas Graf - on 17 August 2012 - 4:01pm

      Hi there,

      well, there are many questions open and we need to tackle them one by one.

      Fist question, whether you want a general management education or a specialized master.

      • The general management education provides you an overview on the most important management areas (cost accounting, strategy, marketing, operations etc,)
      • whereas the specialized Masters - e.g. a Master in Tourist Management - provides you with in-depth knowlegde in that area.
      • Alternatively, you could also do something in the middle - an MBA in Tourist or Hospitality Management for example.

      Now, what is your interest?

      Second question, is the program type.

      • In general management you have two options: MBA and MIM. Since you already have professional experience, even two years in a management position you should go for an MBA (if you prefer a general management education).
      • If you prefer the specialized Master, however, you only have one option: the respective Master program.

      Next question is the type of school:

      • If you go for a general management eductation and an MBA and if you want to study at a so-called top school (with international reputation) you will need to do the GMAT (minimum 550, ideally more than 600 points).
      • If the reputation of the school is less important for you, for instance if you just want a good education in business, you may not need the GMAT. Then you can also go to a German University of Applied Sciences and do an MBA in German or English there.
      • If you go for a specialized Master you may also not need the GMAT.

      My personal recommendation is: Try to find out FIRST how your area (tourist and hospitality management) is for you.

      • If it is important for your future career, that is if you want to develop your career there, you should chose a Master (whether a Master in Hospitality Management or an MBA in Hosp. or Tourist Management) that is somehow related to this industry: in terms of content and network.
      • If this area is not or less important for you, I would go for a general management education - in your case an MBA without specialization.

      Does this answer help you move on?

      Best wishes