mim in europe or MSc in management in canada or US

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  • Posted by rushonhunt on 05/03/13 9:00pm

    hello sir,
    I am looking forward to pursue MIM. i have completed engineering very this year and my average comes out to be 61%. i have done several internships related to my field and also an internship with finance advisory firm and also have experience in my family business, but i am very confused between these countries i.e whether i should go for MIM in europe or MSc in management in Canada or US. Cost of studies and living will also be a major parameter in selection of universities and country so please guide me accordingly.And where the chances of getting good jobs are more? i dont mind working in country and for any duration.

    thank you

    • Posted by Thomas Graf on 05/03/13 10:39pm

      Hi there,

      thank you for your question. I would first decide where you want to work after graduation. If you want to work in North America, I would choose a program there, with a North American network of employers coming to campus to recruit. If you want to work in Europe you can start a program on both sides of the Atlantic as North American grades usually are accepted in Europe. If you want to work in Europe, however, the why not doing a degree directly in Europe?

      If you plan to work in Europe, I would even think about the country where you want to work and choose a school in that country - again the company network is important, and 90 percent of all MIM graduates start to work in the country of studies (Source: Global MIM Survey 2012).

      So, think about which country or countries is/are the most interesting for you depending on your criteria. Then investigate in teh best schools there and scree the schools' websites for employer statistics. It is important that you know in advance and feel comfortable with who is recruiting on the respective campuses. Are these the employers you want to work for?

      In addition, you can also choose a program that allows for studying at more than one campus. For example, I think of the CEMS program with schools in Europe, Asia, and North America. But even here you need to clear first where you want to work.

      Best wishes

      By Thomas Graf

      • Posted by rushonhunt on 05/04/13 11:35am

        ok thanks alot Thomas. this means i should mainly concentrate on my choice of country and the ranking of the university right? apart from this i have also read in few articles that MBA is more popular in USA and has more job opportunities as compared to MSc whereas in Europe MIM is more popular. please comment.

        • Posted by Thomas Graf on 05/04/13 12:40pm

          Hi there,

          the MBA is more popular everywhere as this is the traditional postgraduate program type for management. Having said that, there are some important things to keep in mind:

          • The Master in Management (MIM) is catching up with the popularity of the MBA the more time goes by - simply because the demand for postgraduate studies in management rises among people with a first degree but without work experience.
          • The MIM is catching up at a faster rate in Europe than in the US - pushed by the transformation of the European higher education systems into bachelor/master systems.
          • Doing a MIM in Europe does not necessarily provide you an advantage over doing a MIM in the US because a MIM at a renowned US school with a decent company network and good career services can push your career as well.
          • A MIM from Europe may limit your career in the US because degrees from Europe in general are less known in the US; together with a less-known degree (MIM) this may not be helpful. Therefore, I suggest doing a MIM in the US or Canada if you want to work there - and not in Europe.
          • MIM and MBA programs are not directly alternatives as they target seperate groups: the MIM is for graduates who look for a job whereas the MBA is for professionals who want to develop their career. You can do a MIM now, for instance, and an MBA in some years if you think you need it. So, the most RELEVANT question for you now is: Do you need a master now to fulfil your career goals? If yes, go for a MIM; if not, keep on working and consider an MBA in some years. Have a look at our article on the difference between the Master in Management and the MBA.

          As for the approach: Yes, after having selected one or some countries, use rankings as a first approach to identify renowned business schools. Do not overemphasize these rankings but use them as a first selector. And try to use several rankings, e.g. MIM rankings but also MBA-rankings or business school rankings. They give you a sense of how string a school is in management education.

          Best wishes

          By Thomas Graf

  • Posted by Rosheen Dhar on 12/02/19 4:06pm

    Hi,I have got admits to MIM programs 2020 at ie,Madrid/HEC, Paris/Georgetown,Washington DC. Inputs required people.This is a tough choice to make.

  • Posted by thomas.graf on 12/03/19 11:48am

    Hi there,

    it is only a tough decision if you have not compass on what you want. If you carefully reflect your goals for the time AFTER the MIM and then analyze the schols/programs on the extent to which they provide you qith benefits for your goals, your decision will be easy.

    In the eBook Business Masters - How you find the best Master in Management or MBA we provide a step-by-step procedure on finding out, which school and program best fits your profile.

    Best wishes,

    By Thomas Graf
    Author of the MIM eBook