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  • Posted by MarCat on 10/02/19 12:45pm

    Good morning,

    I really appreciated your general forum, with many constructive feedbacks. I hope to receive a good one too, in order to make an effective decision for my future career.

    • Foundation Degree, Renewable Energies;
    • Actually topping-up to BA, Business Management online from UK while working (just year 3);
    • 1.6 years working experience of operation and business analytics roles of multinational utilities; actually moving to medium consulting firm in Italy, within energy division;
    • GMAT exam in the beginning of 2020.

    My main goal is to break into MBB consulting firms for strategy and operation of multinational energy companies. My dream would be to be sponsorized for a prestigious MBA in Europe.

    So, based on what said above, I'm looking for well-branded MiM part-time (possibly online), that can make my mix of experience and academic goals very appetible for a possible hiring into consulting.

    Do you have any suggestion about it?
    Thank you in advance.

  • Posted by thomas.graf on 10/02/19 1:51pm

    Hi there,

    you say your goal is an MBA - so why do you want to pursue a MIM? MBA and MIM are different as you can see in my MBA-MIM article.

    Given your work experience, an MBA is the right program - provided that you are interested in general management. The alternative would be a specialized Master (e.g., in reweable energies or sustainability management).

    Building on this thought, I recommend to develop a target MBA - the kind of "ideal" MBA that would maximize your benefits afterwards. In your case: the MBA that maximizes your chances of getting a job in your favorite industry, country and at your favorite employer.

    Theer are two ways to find such a program and I recommend to pursue both sides:
    (1) from the schools side: e.g., finding schools where your favorite employers recruit.
    (2) from the employers side: e.g., getting the info directly form the employers where they recruit.

    In my eBook Business Masters - How you find the best Master in Management or MBA I give your tips on how to follow this approach.

    Best wishes,

    By Thomas Graf
    Author of the MIM eBook

    • Posted by MarCat on 10/02/19 3:40pm

      Hi Thomas,

      thanks for your answer. Based on what you said, I think would be better to make a specialized MSc in my interesting area and then purchuase an MBA (general management program).

      Just ler me clarify a point to give you a better vision about my goal. I know that the best strategy to break into top consulting firms would be a full time MBA, but, how said above, I would like to make an MBA only in case I will be sponsorized within consulting firm (so, being already hired on entry level positions as Intern or Business Analyst).

      So, basically, I'm not sure if just my actual top-up BA in Business Management can be attractive enough. I think a valid MSc is a differential.

      1. Making a research, I could see that there are some part-time executive masters in Energy Management / Sustainable Development on top European business schools. Can an executive MSc be a valid alternative to an academic MSc on my case, while working full-time?
      2. What do you think about an academic MSc in Business Analytics / Quantitative Management? Can it develop good quant skills and great foundation in business (being attractive for consulting) without going to replicate my actual BA or future modules withing MBA (general management)?

      Thank you in advance and best regards.
      P.S: I'm going to buy your Ebooks.

  • Posted by thomas.graf on 10/07/19 12:44pm

    Hi again,

    ref 1: Honestly, I think that for HR managers it is more or less irrelevant whether you did an "Executive" or "Advanced" Master (which targets professionals) or a Master open for graduates. For them, your knowledge and competencies are important; and sometimes also the respective school (e.g., they may be more famliar with graduates from some schools and not from others - and because of that prefer the former).

    Again: Here my recommendation is to identify where your favorite employers recruit or where graduates of a respective program start to work directly after graduation.

    ref 2: I am personally not familiar with a quantitative business master but I am 100% convinced that the competencies a student acquires there are valuable and demaned for many business functions and industries. Since you target consulting firms, however, a business data master may qualify you rather for an analyst position than for a consultant positoin within a consulting firm

    Here I recommend to investigate deeper on different career tracks that consulting firms offer and what they require. Just screen the career pages of McKinsey or BCG etc and talk to consultants (e.g., at career fairs).

    Best wishes,

    By Thomas Graf
    Author of the MIM eBook