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  • Posted by kush on 09/17/10 12:34pm

    What is the difference between a 2 year and a 1 year Master of Management program??
    Quite a few universities in the UK offer like Bath and Edinburgh offer a one year program whereas most of the other European univs offer a two year prog.....



    • Posted by selma76 on 09/18/10 1:17pm

      Isn't it similar to the MBA? In Europe you get 1-year programs, in the US you get 2-years. I ask myself why investing another year and losing one extra year of income of you can get the "same" in one year.

    • Posted by kush on 09/18/10 7:37pm

      so it's the same whether its a one year course or a 2 year course???

    • Posted by selma76 on 09/18/10 10:42pm

      There seem to be differences in terms of interns. I found in the HEC program, 18 months, that a 30 weeks internship is mandatory - so this is about 4.5 months. In terms of academic content they all seem to offer courses about 120 credits. Manchester is is just a 12 month program and you get the same 120 credits as at HEC.

      But the title is what counts for me in the end. Isn't that what the firms care about?

      Actually, it would be great to have a search engine that allows to filter programs by length of time. Maybe something for the MiM-Compass team to improve?


      • Posted by kush on 09/19/10 12:35pm

        Hey Selma

        Thanks a lot for the info... Appreciate it = )

        And yes, it would be great to have a search engine with which one could filter programs depending on the length of time...



    • Posted by Thomas Graf on 09/19/10 2:20pm

      Hi Selma and Kushal,

      thank your for your feedback. I totally agree that such a filter would be very helpful. I will check soon if and how fast we can extend the website to that.

      Best wishes

      Master in Management Compass Team

    • Posted by Florian on 09/19/10 9:55pm

      Hi Kushal,

      As somebody who has gone through a one year program (at IE) I agree with Selma's points. In my opinion it basically boils down to your objectives and interests. Generally the aim of the one year programs (which are globally on the way up) is no different from the two year programs. Hence, without generalizing (i.e. I would not draw an artificial line between the two), you should look at the programs in detail and figure out if the second year adds enough (intangible/tangible) value for you to forgo a year's pay on the job.

      Moreover I actually wouldn't worry about credits at all (unless you have a specific reason to do so) and what I believe you should worry about goes back to your personal interests. Do you want to brand yourself (go for rankings/prestige), do you want to build a network (go for the region and industry presence that matches it best), do you want to acquire some specific knowledge/skills (go for the program that offers the most suitable courses), etc. etc...

      I for myself have not regretted my choice of a one year program which has served my interests well.



      • Posted by Dhruvin on 03/19/19 10:30pm

        Hey Forian,
        For a non-management backgroud graduate is a 10 month course (MIM) at IE Business School good or he should apply to different college which has courses for a longer duration so he could get his basics done properly..instead of in 10 month rigorous work load?
        Thank you.

    • Posted by kush on 10/01/10 8:22am

      Hey Florian

      Thank you so much for your views. Really helpful.. : )


    • Posted by kush on 10/01/10 8:23am

      Hi Thomas

      It would be great to see the filter for the duration of the programs on the website soon..


      • Posted by Thomas Graf on 10/07/10 12:40pm

        Hi Kushal,

        it should be done within the next days.

        Take care

    • Posted by Thomas Graf on 10/13/10 4:41pm

      Hi Kushal,

      from now on you can use our search engine to search for Master in Management programs according to:

      1. Program length
      2. Pre-experience required

      Best wishes

    • Posted by kush on 10/13/10 7:59pm

      Hi Thomas

      It feels great to see the new additions to the website... :)
      It should help a lot of people

      Best wishes

  • Posted by Shivam Narula on 11/20/19 10:07am

    Is one year MIM programme is better or two year MIM programme ?

  • Posted by thomas.graf on 11/21/19 1:21pm

    Hi there,

    it depends on how you define "better".

    If mean "more learning", then very likely longer programs offer more classes and learning opportunities (though this may not always be the case - just check the class plans on the schools' sites). So, 2year MIM programs may be "better" in the sense that you may learn more, develop more competencies, and hence become better qualified for your job afterwards.

    If you mean "better" in the sense of having better career chances after your studies, I would not say this is the directly case. INSEAD - in the case of an MBA - clearly gives you top career chances with the shortest MBA program in Europe. Similar to the MIM, shorter MIM programs at top schools may provide better career chances than longer programs and less renowned schools.

    In the eBook Business Masters - How you find the best Master in Management or MBA we provide a step-by-step procedure on finding out, which school and program best fits your criteria.

    Best wishes,

    By Thomas Graf
    Author of the MIM eBook